Saturday, September 27, 2014

Catch And Release Is The Plan

In shocking, but unsurprising news, 70% of illegal alien family groups released during the ongoing illegal alien surge on the border have failed to report as required to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Enforcement and Removal Operations office having jurisdiction over the illegal aliens place of claimed residence.  Catch and Release is back...well it never went away!

Associated Press September 25, 2014 by Alicia Caldwell 
US: Immigrant Families Fail To Report To Agents
WASHINGTON (AP) — Tens of thousands of young families caught crossing the border illegally earlier this year subsequently failed to meet with federal immigration agents, as they were instructed, the Homeland Security Department has acknowledged privately. 
An official with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that about 70 percent of immigrant families the Obama administration had released into the U.S. never showed up weeks later for follow up appointments. 
The ICE official made the disclosure in a confidential meeting at its Washington headquarters with immigration advocates participating in a federal working group on detention and enforcement policies. The Associated Press obtained an audio recording of Wednesday's meeting and separately interviewed participants. 
On the recording obtained by the AP, the government did not specify the total number of families released into the U.S. since October. Since only a few hundred families have already been returned to their home countries and limited U.S. detention facilities can house only about 1,200 family members, the 70 percent figure suggests the government released roughly 41,000 members of immigrant families who subsequently failed to appear at federal immigration offices.

This is, of course, not a bug, but the Obama Regime's plan from the beginning.  More illegals for the upcoming administrative amnesty, more illegals in the welfare system, more illegals able to vote in States without an ID requirement.  Sounds like a plan for displacement of the traditional American nation.

Obama Regime Making Illegal Immigration As Comfortable As Possible

Part of the Obama Regime's plan to encourage illegal immigration is, besides releasing illegal aliens to not appear for their deportation hearings, is to make life in custody of the few illegal aliens who are not released to disappear, as enjoyable as possible.  To wit, the Regime is spending over twice what it actually costs to detain an illegal alien in a contract jail facility in new friendly facilities for illegal aliens.  This also eats up the detention budget, which lowers the number of aliens detained, which means more aliens released to either fight their deportation forever or who never appear for their deportation hearing.  Something this blog warned about years ago.

Washington Examiner September 25, 2014 by Paul Bedard 
Report: $266 A Day To House Each Illegal, $117 More Than A Hotel Room 
A new and critical report on the Obama administration’s treatment and detention of illegal immigrants reveals that it costs $266 a day to house each person for a potential total cost of millions daily. 
The 11-page report from Detention Watch Network focused on the new detention facility in Artesia, N.M., and found that the 672-bed facility costs $266 per person to operate. The report also noted that overall, immigration officials detained 478,000 illegals in 2012, raising the possible detention cost to taxpayers to over $100 million a day.
The local La Quinta Inn and Suites charges $149 a room and offers a kitchenette, free breakfast, free internet and free parking.

The comparison to a cheap motel is interesting, especially in that a motel is not appropriate, but even worse, a motel is still more expensive than the traditional contract housing for illegal aliens held for deportation hearings: city and county jails.

Throughout the nation, the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS), the U. S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), contract with local jails, private contractors, and State prisons to hold Federal prisoners before trial and sentencing, after which they are transferred to the custody of the BOP. The program is called an Electronic Intergovernmental Agreement (eIGA). ICE as a matter of policy, piggy backs on the contracts that the USMS has and the rates that the USMS has established throughout the country.  ICE also establishes its own contracts, but usually uses the standard rates that the USMS develops for each calendar year.

The real comparison from the $266.00 a day that it is costing ICE at these Club Feds for illegal aliens is to the standard rates.  Here is where the outrageous nature of the costs at these Club Feds is expose. In one of the most expensive counties in the United States, Essex County, New Jersey, the county where Newark, NJ is located, has a rate of only $105.00 a day.  This rate is at the county jail, which provides all the necessities of an immigration holding facility: security and required medical services. It is not a nice place to be held and such facilities encourage illegal aliens to quickly acquiesce to their deportation, but the Club Fed recreational facilities, services, and amenities encourage illegal aliens to fight their deportation, and cost the taxpayer more.

Now, Texas is a much cheaper State, and the nearest equivalent cost for USMS and ICE prisoners that research revealed was Pinal County, Arizona, where the cost is $59.64, an area comparable to the Club Fed located in Artesia, New Mexico.  So, the real comparison is to a cost less than a fifth of what ICE is paying.  Pay more, get less, and encourage illegal aliens to remain to fight their deportation.  That is why the Obama Regime is requesting billions for the ongoing border surge of Central American illegal alien family groups.  

The real solution though is to use expedited removal to immediately deport all these Central American illegal aliens back to Mexico, from whence they entered illegally.  Expedited removal is much cheaper than housing illegal aliens for deportation hearings, but spending $266.00 on detention facilities is a crime in itself.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Long Term Plan For An Immigration Court Amnesty

It appears that the Obama Regime has settled on a strategy to defeat the historic American nation in the ongoing border crisis that the Regime created.  The plan appears to be to allow the kritarchs in the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) administer an amnesty for the wave of unaccompanied minors and family groups with minors.  The evidence, the Regime is building long-term housing for illegal alien family groups instead of using expedited removal to quickly remove the illegal alien adults and their accompanying minor children.

Breitbart September 24, 2014 by Kristen Tate
Massive 'Residential Center' To Open In Texas For Illegal Immigrants
HOUSTON, Texas -- A large new immigrant housing center will be opened in South Texas. The South Texas Family Residential Center will ultimately hold 2,400 individuals, primarily families, who were apprehended while crossing the Texas- Mexico border. During their stay at the center foreigners will be provided with taxpayer-funded "medical care, play rooms, social workers, educational services, and access to legal counsel," Breitbart Texas has learned. 
The facility will open in November in Dilley, Texas, which is located about 70 miles southwest of San Antonio. This is the fourth facility of its kind to be built in Texas, according to Fox News.  

And the proof of a long-term plan for displacement of the American people, this latest facility will not be ready for almost a year.  

An ICE spokeswoman refused to give Breitbart Texas answers to specific questions and instead provided a statement that said the agency"plans to open and operate a new residential center in Dilley, Texas to house adults with children in response to the influx of adults traveling with children apprehended along the southwest border. "
The massive facility, which will lie on a 50-acre property, will be "ready for full capacity within 210 days," the agency's statement continued.

That is long-term planning for both an ongoing problem with obviously no attempt at a solution, such as a border fence and ignoring the easy solution in immigration law, expedited removal, which enables the Department of Homeland Security to immediately deport adults and accompanying minors back to Mexico, from whence the illegal aliens crossed the border.

Given the failure of the Regime to discipline Immigration Judges who openly tout their sympathy for illegal aliens, such as that expressed by Dana Leigh Marks, John Bryant who deferred deportation hearings for illegal aliens for 4 years, or Michael Baird who coddles illegal aliens who fail to appear for their deportation hearings,  the planning for more and longer staying illegal aliens is clear. 

The Obama Regime was burned by the blow-back from the border crisis, and has wisely determined that their solution will be an amnesty shrouded with delay and hidden from the American people in the obscure courtrooms of left-wing bureaucrats.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Called This One

And she was.

Pseudo-Kritarch Dana Leigh Marks Is Relentless

Immigration "Judge" Dana Leigh Marks is back in the news, again.  Like the Terminator, Marks is single minded and relentless in pursuit of her mission, not the assassination of a single person, but the assassination of a country.  Marks is an ambitious woman, she wants to be a real Kritarch, not serving at the pleasure of the President, but a Kritarch with a life-time appointment, a few clerks to do her work for her, and the safety to implement her own amnesty for illegal aliens.  And it appears that Conservatism, Inc. is in on the game.  Uncritically, has story and video about her demand for a life-time appointment and millions of more dollars for the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). September 22, 2014 by Townhall Staff
Capitol Source: Federal Immigration Judge Claims Courts Are 'Resource Starved'
Immigration courts receive less than 2 percent of the $18 billion dollars annually allocated to immigration law enforcement, according to federal immigration judge Dana Leigh Marks. In this week's Capitol Source, two federal immigration judges explain why their courts are underfunded, understaffed, and overflowing with pending cases.

Marks recommends millions more for her and her fellow Kritarchs all based on a claim that immigration cases are taking too long.  Of course, those cases are taking too long, but that is not a bug, but the plan, as in immigration law, justice delayed is always favorable to the alien, as what an alien fears is expeditious review of their case and deportation.  The rule in immigration courts is the alien always wins in the end.  The longer in court, the greater the number of arguments in favor of the alien to remain.  However, it is clear that expeditious removal of aliens is not in Marks' plan, but an amnesty, as she claims that deportation is the equivalent of capital punishment.  Remember as well, it is Immigration "Judges" that are the source of the delay in immigration court, Kritarch John Bryant has delayed hearings for illegal alien juveniles for 4 years, instead of ordering immediate deportation for aliens with no legal basis to stay!  More shocking is that in the past, Immigration Judges under the direction of a strong executive have quickly removed other surges of illegal aliens, but only under strong, patriotic Attorneys General like Edwin Meese.

Worse though is the uncritical transcription of her mendacious claim by the so-called journalists at Townhall and Hot Air.  It appears that like Red State, the AdelZucks Axis has purchased Townhall and its subsidiaries, as well as John Boehner.

The real solution is not more Immigration "Judges," bigger budgets, or a life-time appointment, but the return of deportation decisions to the enforcement arm of the immigration agency through a radical expansion of expedited removal to all classes of aliens, other than legal permanent residents not convicted of one or more crimes.  The only aliens with connections to the United States sufficient for any independent review are those aliens admitted for legal permanent resident.  Other aliens, non-immigrants and those present unlawfully have no legal ties to the commonweal, and therefore should be removed without undue delay, which was the policy for many years prior to 1980.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Conspiracy To Aid Illegal Aliens

Illegal aliens could not remain in the United States without the collusion and support they receive from both the Federal and State governments.  In fact, the Department of Homeland Security is the biggest supporter of illegal immigration as it has the tools to end the sanctuaries that enable illegal immigrants to remain and proper in the United States.

Aiding and Abetting illegal aliens is a criminal violation of Federal law, to wit Title 8 United States Code (USC) Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens.  This conspiracy, a violation also of Title 18 USC 371, Conspiracy, between Federal and State governments is highlighted by the recent agreement and approval by DHS of the driver's license and identification cards that California will be issuing to illegal aliens soon.  A conspiracy under Federal law is defined as 1) an agreement to commit a crime 2) between 2 or more persons, and 3) an overt act in furtherance of the unlawful act.

Breitbart September 20, 2014 by Daniel Nussbaum
Homeland Security Approves Design Of Driver's Licenses For California's Illegal Immigrants
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has approved the design of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants in California. DHS had previously rejected an earlier design (pictured above) because it was not sufficiently distinctive from regular driver's licenses.
According to the Sacramento Bee, DHS sent a letter to Department of Motor Vehicles director Jean Shiomoto on September 17 informing them of their approval.
"DHS commends California's efforts to improve the security of its licenses and identification cards and looks forward to continuing to work with you on this matter," the letter read. 

So, instead of informing California that it was in violation of Title 8 USC 1324, DHS conspired with California to violate the statute.  Sounds like racketeering to me. Anyone know a good lawyer to file a RICO lawsuit against Governor Moonbeam, Director Shiomoto, Barack Hussein Obama, and Jeh Johnson?

And just a warning to illegals, the next administration might use that information to come arrest you.

Nothing says reasonable suspicion to detain you like an identification card issued to illegal aliens, which leads to the probable cause to clamp on las esposas.  Just a warning.

Hopefully the Cruz Administration will also arrest Moonbeam, Shiomoto, Johnson, and Obama as the statute of limitations is 5 years.

Kevin Williamson Concerned About The Usages Of Rape

NRO and Kevin Williamson are concerned about the manufactured rape crisis in academia.  As right t:hey should be.  Williamson accuses the radical left of using falsehoods about rape and other issues of a Stalinist campaign to silence their opposition.  And right he is:

NRO September 21, 2014 by Kevin D. Williamson
The Rape Epidemic Is a Fiction
Rape is a vicious crime, one that disproportionately affects poor women and incarcerated men, but Barack Obama knows his voters, and so his recent remarks on the subject were focused not on penitentiaries, broken families, or Indian reservations but on college campuses, where the despicable crime is bound up in a broader feminist Kulturkampf only tangentially related to the very real problem of sexual violence against women.
The subject is a maddening one. President Obama repeated the endlessly reiterated but thoroughly debunked claim that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in her college years. The actual rate is . . . sort of an interesting problem, the information being so inconsistent and contradictory that one almost suspects that it is so by design.

And he concludes:

But if your interest were in making opposition to feminist political priorities a quasi-criminal offense and using the horrific crime of rape as a cultural and political cudgel, then you’d be doing about what we’re doing right now.

Interesting, it sounds just like NRO's silencing of John Derbyshire for pointing out the real dangers of black crime.

And importantly, someone is deleting comments about the comparison to Derbyshire as well as comments on the rate of black-on-white rapes, the real problem.