Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty And Another Dead American

The chickens may be coming home to roost for the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and, perhaps for Obama himself, and the clique of America busting cultural Marxists in charge of immigration law enforcement.

Another American has died at the hands of an amnesty recipient, this time, though not at the hands of a Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals amnesty recipient like Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, it was at the hands of a criminal illegal alien, just as Garcia-Cisneros was.  Apolinar Altamirano had a long criminal history and despite being reported to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by America's Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, the Obama Regime had Altamirano released so he could kill an American, an American who was unlikely to be an Obama voter.

KPHO CBS 5, January 22, 2015 by Steve Stout
Suspect In US Illegally Before Shooting Death Of Mesa Store Clerk
An undocumented immigrant from Mexico was out on bond when he allegedly shot a store clerk in Mesa on Thursday.
Apolinar Altamirano, 29, was captured early Thursday morning in the West Valley after a chase with Mesa police and Arizona Department of Public Safety officers.
He is suspected of shooting and killing Grant Ronnebeck, 21, a clerk at the QT store at 414 S. Stapley Dr...
The Maricopa County Attorney's Office said Altamirano is in the U.S. illegally and was out on bond while U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement determined whether he should be deported.

Like another criminal illegal alien in Arizona, Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval, Altamirano was the beneficiary of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty for Criminal Illegal Aliens, an aspect of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, that has been ongoing for years and is especially directed against the white population of Arizona.

And be under no illusion that the Criminal Illegal Alien Amnesty doesn't exist.  It is policy from the very top.  In fact, the Obama Regime is waging a jihad against ICE officials who are resisting the release of killer illegal alien criminals.

Fox News December 2, 2014 by Judson Berger
Lawsuit Claims ICE Mounted Campaign To ‘Purge’ Senior Officials Amid Immigration Changes
Vroom alleges she ultimately became a target of this effort, and that one of the factors was a push to "look favorably for prosecutorial discretion" for low-level identity theft cases in Arizona -- in other words, be lenient toward illegal immigrants with these convictions. 
"Prosecutorial discretion" is the term for an Obama administration effort to prioritize serious criminals for deportation and let other lower-level cases slide. The lawsuit claims the focus on identify theft cases was "significant," and Vroom often sought "clarification" on the instructions. 
But Vroom, in turn, was accused of giving "push-back," according to the suit. 
The suit also describes one discussion in September of this year when Jim Stolley, director of field legal operations, was talking with agency attorneys about "prosecutorial discretion" for "low-level" offenders including old DUI convictions. When some attorneys challenged Stolley, he allegedly said, "We don't give a s--- about that. Let it go." 

Besides releasing illegal alien criminals, the Obama Regime is also using the above purge to decrease the number of ICE attorneys who are responsible for prosecuting immigration cases before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) for deportation.  The result of the purge is that there are few ICE attorneys as those purged are not replaced.  Consequently, the Office of the Principle Legal Advisor field offices throughout the United States are dropping even more deportation cases, including flagrant fraud, because of staffing shortages. A negative feed-back loop is created resulting in more illegal aliens remaining in the United States, especially criminal illegal aliens.

However, there is a solution.  First, the heirs of Grant Ronnebeck now have legal standing to bring suit to stop the Administrative Amnesty.  They are undeniable victims and have standing under the Federal Tort Claims Act for redress in court, including injunctions to stop illegal actions by federal officials, high and low. 

More importantly, Republican candidates like Ted Cruz can make this a campaign issue, announcing to the world, and to the officers and agents of the Department of Homeland Security that if they cooperate with the illegal and unconstitutional Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty they have legal liability under Title 8 United States Code Section 1324, Bringing In And Harboring Certain Aliens.  Furthermore, Cruz and others should make it plain as well that political appointees and Barack Hussein Obama have the most legal liability for the death of Grant Ronnebeck, Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, and Abigail Robinson, up to and including the death penalty for their felonies resulting in the deaths of Americans.  

And being a felony, it is also an impeachable offense. Obama and Jeh Johnson might not give a shit as their underlings have said about criminal illegal aliens, but it is time for Romney, Bush, Perry, Jindal, Walker, and other Presidential candidates, announced and otherwise, to let the American people they do give a shit about murder of Americans by illegal aliens.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Treason Bar Crows Obama Regime Support For Fraud

This writer has not spent much time reviewing the pernicious activity of the Treason Bar of late. Suffice it to say though that the Treason Bar has been insufferable since the expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty and it continues its attacks on those who dare oppose amnesty proposals, equating opposition to treason and racism.  The Treason Bar has made it clear that the physical extermination of patriotic Americans is part of the effort to replace the historic American people.

The Treason Bar is ecstatic about even some of the more obscure aspects of the expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.  One oft overlooked aspect is the illegal expansion of waivers for unlawful presence and the open subordination of the law in the definition of extreme hardship for legal waivers of 3 and 10 year bars to admission to the United States.

Waivers for illegal aliens seeking to enter or remain in the United States as legal immigrants is restricted by law to spouses and children of legal permanent residents (LPR) and U.S. citizens (USC).

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act Section 301
(v) Waiver.-The Attorney General has sole discretion to waive clause (i) in the case of an immigrant who is the spouse or son or daughter of a United States citizen or of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, if it is established to the satisfaction of the Attorney General that the refusal of admission to such immigrant alien would result in extreme hardship to the citizen or lawfully resident spouse or parent of such alien. No court shall have jurisdiction to review a decision or action by the Attorney General regarding a waiver under this clause.

And the waiver is only available if the alien proves extreme hardship to that USC or LPR.

A qualifying relative for cases involving unlawful presence would include a citizen or legal resident spouse or parent, according to U.S. immigration law.
The common effects of deportation—such as job loss, the uprooting of family, and even separation of parents from small children—are considered "typical" hardships, even if those outcomes cause plenty of grief for the immigrant's family members. A hardship would be considered "extreme" only if it was unusual or beyond that which one normally would expect from a deportation or barred re-entry.

However, the Obama Regime is seeking to overturn the will of Congress in legislation twofold by expanding the waiver to statutorily ineligible illegal aliens and to define extreme hardship out of existence.  Basically redefining deportation itself as an extreme hardship.

In his memorandum, Jeh Johnson, Secretary, slyly equated those statutorily eligible for a waiver, to all those statutorily eligible for an immigrant visa.

DHS Memorandum Dated November 20, 2014 by Jeh Johnson
Expansion of the Provision Waiver Program
Today, I direct DHS to amend its 2013 regulation to expand access to the provisional waiver program to all statutorily eligible classes of relatives for whom an immigrant visa is immediately available. The purpose behind today' s announcement remains the same as in 2013-family unity. 

The small but significant difference being is that some illegal aliens are statutorily eligible for a waiver for illegal presence in the United States, but many more illegal aliens are statutorily eligible to apply for an immigrant visa.  This makes illegal alien parents and siblings of LPRs and USCs eligible for waivers of illegal presence.  Something not in the law.

Furthermore, Johnson sought to redefine extreme hardship to mere deportation.

As a related matter, I hereby direct USCIS to provide additional guidance on the definition of "extreme hardship." As noted above, to be granted a provisional waiver, applicants must demonstrate that their absence from the United States would cause "extreme hardship" to a spouse or parent who is a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident. The statute does not define the term, and federal courts have not specifically defined it through case law. It is my assessment that additional guidance about the meaning of the phrase "extreme hardship" would provide broader use of this legally permitted waiver program.

USCIS should clarify the factors that are considered by adjudicators in determining whether the "extreme hardship" standard has been met. Factors that should be considered for further explanation include, but are not limited to: family ties to the United States and the country ofremoval, conditions in the country of removal, the age of the U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse or parent, the length of residence in the United States, relevant medical and mental health conditions, financial hardships, and educational hardships. I further direct USCIS to consider criteria by which a presumption of extreme hardship may be determined to exist.

So, according to Johnson, the law as written means nothing, and the provisions of a statute may be "presumed" to be irrelevant to the policy ends of the Obama regime. Time for action this day.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Sabotage The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty

Latest On VDare:

Congress CAN Stop Obamnesty–with Simple Change To Funding Bill!

Contrary to Democrat/ Main Stream Media propaganda, the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty is on a knife edge. President Obama’s unilateral action is vulnerable—legally, bureaucratically, and in the Congress. America awaits only a few brave men to bring down this rotten abomination.
Court rulings have already exposed the shaky legal foundations of any kind of Administrative Amnesty effort. Even the Regime’s more limited “Deferred Action” program that allowed Central American “refugees” into the country was ruled inherently unlawful by District Judge Reed O’Connor in a lawsuit filed by the heroic Kris Kobach. (Read the filing in PDF.)The judge threw out the suit for jurisdictional reasons but...

Contribute to VDare here.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

War On The Border Patrol: #GamerGate Edition

Third Wave Feminism has been waging a war on men and anything associated with maleness, whether it be computer programming or heterosexuality.  Law enforcement has been a particular but in the long-term unsuccessful target for first and second wave feminists.  Just as women have little or no interest in advanced mathematics and computer programming, women also have little interest in the fighting for their lives against dangerous thugs, like the heroic Darren Wilson.  Most women who get into law enforcement do so for the good salary, but have few of the skills and abilities to be a good patrol officer.  Long hours, shift work, inclement weather, and the very dangerous clientele, as well as the physical confrontations that are a daily part of uniformed police work make the 95% of police work unattractive to most women.

And it shows, heterosexual women are ill-suited to uniformed police work, mostly because of their inability to deal with the physical aspects of law enforcement, especially when it comes to putting someone in handcuffs who doesn't want to be in handcuffs.  There is a small clique of women who are successful at such police work, most are high testosterone lesbians, the butch type, who for the most part acculturate to the masculine aspects of the law enforcement profession.  They can be just one of the boys. However, they are few and far between.  Women in law enforcement are more successful as investigators; Special Agents in the Federal government, investigators or detectives in State or local agencies.  These subcategories of the law enforcement profession are less physically oriented, where the mind is the primary muscle, especially in white-collar criminal investigations.

Even still, men predominate in the 1811 category in the Federal civil service, the primary occupational specialty dealing with criminal investigations, mostly dealing with white-collar crime.  Even fewer women are involved in the demanding positions in the 1811 category that includes highly dangerous positions, such as Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Special Agents who routinely go undercover to infiltrate and take down drug trafficking organizations.  Few women want that danger and even less the long hours.  The DEA is a man's job.  And similarly, so is another Federal law profession, this in the occupational specialty for the United States Border Patrol, the 1896 category, Border Patrol Agent. The sex (not gender) ratio is significantly more imbalanced in favor of men than in other Federal law enforcement jobs.  Not surprisingly as the BPA has the most physically demanding job in Federal law enforcement and perhaps compared to any other law enforcement agency.

However, the Social Justice Warrior (SWJ) 3rd Wave feminists have infiltrated the upper management of the parent component of the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP), the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP).  And combined with Obama Regime amnesty proponents, have decided to feminize the USBP and remake the USBP mission from one of arresting and deporting illegal aliens, to babysitting and welcoming illegal aliens.

Federal News Radio December 30, 2014 by Michael O'Connell
5,500 Women Apply To Join Border Patrol 
Customs and Border Protection has been steadily increasing the number of its border patrol agents. But recently the agency commissioned a recruitment drive aimed at boosting the ranks of female agents.
Only about 5 percent of the border patrol's 21,000 agents are women. But with more and more women trying to cross the Mexican border, CBP officials think having more women agents could help.
CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske told Federal Drive with Tom Temin that the border patrol has received 5,500 applications from women as part of its recent recruitment effort.

Aside from the patent illegality and unconstitutionality of a female only hiring policy, this rationalization is, of course, nonsense.  The predominately male cadre of BPAs handled the summer crisis in the Lower Rio Grande Valley just fine, it was the Obama Regime that failed to deal with the crisis by accommodating the illegal aliens, failed to use expedited removal to solve the problem, and encouraged the crisis to expand and continue by not deporting the illegal alien border crossers.

The USBP has been arresting female and minor illegal aliens for over 100 years and there is no pressing need for women who for good reason only make up 5% of the BPA cadre; they aren't very good at the job and don't like the demanding working conditions, especially when the rocks start flying and the illegal aliens start fighting.  Like it or not, women don't do well when the bullets start flying, as true for the USBP or any State or local agency.

And we get the communist propaganda on women in law enforcement, not only are they as good as men, they are even better!  Which, by the way, is not born out by experience nor any real studies.

Kerlikowske pointed to research that shows women in law enforcement not only perform just as well as men but actually do a better job than men in some areas.
"They do exactly the same jobs as the male border patrol agents, so the hiring process, the screening, the selection, the training is all very much the same," he said. "But women bring a perspective and negotiating skill to law enforcement and to the border patrol that we very much need."

I don't know the "perspective" Kerlikowske is talking about, but I do know that the so-called "negociating skill" that he is talking about does not exist and is useless in law enforcement.  Just ask Kizzy Adoni, she failed at negotiating with Eric Garner.  So much for that vaunted sex based skill-set.

But the Third Wave feminist SWJ is not the only reason Kerlikowske wants more female BPAs.  He wants them because he doesn't want the male aggressiveness needed in law enforcement in general, and immigration law enforcement on the border in particular.  In Kerlikowske's Border Patrol, job one will not be arresting illegals, but processing them for release:

On the Mexican border, many of the people that agents encounter are coming from traumatic situations. Last summer, 50 women reported being sexually assaulted by human traffickers. 
"They come often times from a country where law enforcement often is not seen as a trusted partner and a friend and an organization that can help them," Kerlikowske said. "And so, when they see the agents in uniform, we need to establish a level of trust and a level of confidence to these people that have gone through really a horrendous journey to make it into the United States, and we need to make them feel safe. Women do a great job at that."

That, my fellow Americans, is not the purpose of the U.S. Border Patrol. It is not to welcome illegal aliens, it is not to establish trust with illegal aliens, it is not to make illegal aliens feel safe, it is to deport them.  And fifty rapes out of 60,000 illegal aliens arrested in the Lower Rio Grande Valley is not any reason to hire female BPAs.  And it appears Kerlikowske admits law enforcement ability is a male virtue, while it is in the nature of females to nurture and establish bonds of safety.  Which is good if a woman is bearing and raising children, their function in life, while the nature of men is the guard and protect the weaker of the species.  This should drive Third Wave feminists mad, but they are mysteriously quiet when comes to female stereotypes held by the government when it benefits illegal aliens allowed in by a Regime intending to elect a new people.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

All Illegals Amnestied!

Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies is reporting that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has begun releasing all illegal aliens without a felony conviction who entered the United States before January 1, 2014.  This includes illegal aliens with misdemeanor convictions and those arrested for felonies, but not prosecuted because ICE took custody of the illegal alien before prosecution.  The illegal aliens are also being given an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  This despite the claim that only those illegal aliens with 5 or more years in the United States will get the EAD.  See Gateway Pundit article.  Nothing on the CIS website.

It appears that Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have either been out-maneuvered or deliberately sabatoged their attempt to stop the amnesty with a March plan to address the Department of Homeland Security budget and any restrictions on the amnesty in the March budget.  Did they plan to give Obama three months to implement the amnesty?  Most likely.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty Continues For Recent Illegal Entrants

One of the lies of the Obama Regime is that their deferred action program, the Administrative Amnesty, is that it is for those illegal aliens who have lived in the United States for five years or more, and specifically excludes recent illegal entrants, e.g. those who have entered the United States after January 1, 2014.  Of course, there is an obvious problem with that claim, for those illegal aliens who have been here less than five years but entered before January 1, 2014 are not eligible, if that is the correct word for an illegal program, for employment authorization, but are no more going to be deported than those who receive the illegal employment authorization.  More interesting is the situation of the illegal aliens who entered after January 1, 2014. More evidence has come to light that these illegal aliens will no more be deported than those who benefit from the expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty.

Three stories reveal that the Obama Regime is expanding the administrative amnesty in a rolling amnesty for illegal aliens as they arrive.

The Washington Times December 21, 2014 by Stephen Dinan
Obama Sheds ‘Deporter In Chief’ Label, Oversees Steep Drop In Illegal Immigrant Removals
“The rising costs of enforcement and deportations has more to do with the policy changes that they have made, like discontinuing expedited and stipulated removal and programs like [Alien Transfer Exit Program] than it has to do with the changing demographics of the illegal alien population,” she said.

The import issue here is that expedited removal is the strongest tool in deporting recent illegal immigrants, and by the way, criminal aliens, as there is no quasi-judicial immigration court review that the illegal aliens can use to remain in the United States. Expedited removal is the process by which an arrested illegal alien is immediately deported back across the border after arrest.  Expedited removal applied to any illegal alien with 2 years or less in the United States or an alien convicted of a deportable criminal offense.

The failure of by the Obama Regime to use expedited removal on illegal aliens caught at the border, or within two years of entry, allows illegal aliens to remain to exploit the immigration courts system where corrupt immigration "judges" like Dana Leigh Marks aid illegal aliens to remain in the United States.

Two other stories have confirmed that the Obama Regime is stage managing arrests of illegal aliens at the border with the intent to allow those illegal aliens to remain.

Homeland Security Today December 16, 2014 by Amanda Vicinanzo
DHS Opens Largest Immigration Detention Facility As It Closes One Deemed Dangerous
With the spike in illegal immigration across the border of Southern Texas last summer, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) plans to dedicate more border security resources to the prevention of illegal immigration.

As part of this effort, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Monday inaugurated the largest immigration facility in the country. The 50-acre detention facility—a former oil field workers’ camp in rural South Texas—will be a detention camp for female and child migrants crossing the border into the US illegally.

“Here in Dilley, Texas I am announcing the opening of a new detention center here,” Johnson announced. “This facility will begin operating in a few days. It is intended for adults who cross the border illegally with their children. It replaces the temporary facility we set up in Artesia, New Mexico for the same purpose, which is closing. This new facility is much larger. The Artesia facility could hold up to about 700 people; this one will have the capacity to hold up to 2,400 people.”

Immigrations [sic] and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley is the fourth facility DHS has used to increase its capacity to detain and expedite the removal of adults with children who illegally crossed the Southwest border.

"ICE opened the temporary facility in Artesia in June as a critical piece of the government’s response to the unprecedented influx of adults with children at the Southwest border. Since then, the numbers of illegal migrants crossing into south Texas has gone down considerably," said Acting ICE Director Thomas S. Winkowski. "However, we must be prepared for traditional, seasonal increases in illegal migration. The Dilley facility will provide invaluable surge capacity should apprehensions of adults with children once again surge this spring."

Sounds like the Regime is planning to deport many recent illegal border crossers, but that is what the Regime wants the public to think.  But the truth is just the opposite.  The new detention facilities is not designed to hold illegal aliens while they are being processed for deportation, first, because centralized deportation holding facilities are not needed to quickly remove illegal aliens using expedited removal.  Expedited removal only needs the already existing processing facilities at the border, the numerous Border Patrol Stations already provide those facilities. Expedited removal processing is a quick process and fingerprinting, photographs, and paperwork take only an hour or so, then the aliens, Mexican or otherwise, are immediately returned over the land border to Mexico from one of the many Border Patrol Stations that cover the border with Mexico.

Second, the Regime claimed that the temporary facility in Artesia, NM, was needed to process the summer wave of illegal aliens who crossed in the Lower Rio Grande Valley for deportation. However, all the illegal aliens held at the Artesia facility were released into the United States.  Those illegal aliens were not deported as this blog reported.

Additional evidence that the Regime plans to process and release illegal aliens who cross the border illegally is that the Regime has announced an illegal special hiring effort for female Border Patrol Agents only.  This is obviously illegal, as male Border Patrol Agents can arrest and process female and minor illegal aliens just as well as female Agents.

El Paso Times December 6, 2014, By Vic Kolenc
Border Patrol Wants More Women Agents, Steps Up Recruitment Efforts In El Paso And Elsewhere
The U.S. Border Patrol is trying to recruit more women into its agent ranks to help deal with the influx of undocumented women trying to cross the Southwest border.
The Border Patrol on Dec. 1 issued a jobs posting aimed at women only. The application deadline is Wednesday.
"This is the first time we've had a job announcement for female agents only," said Border Patrol Agent Yesenia Leon, a spokeswoman for the agency's El Paso sector.
In October, when the agency issued a jobs posting for both men and women, only 16 percent of the applications were from women. That's why the agency decided to post a jobs announcement for women only, Leon said...
"There is a critical need for female agents. The reason is we've seen a dramatic increase in female detainees in this area. We've seen an increase of 173 percent (nationwide) since fiscal year 2011," Leon said.
In the 2014 fiscal year, which ended in October, 120,000 undocumented women immigrants were detained by the Border Patrol nationwide, compared with about 44,000 in fiscal year 2011, Leon reported. Most of that increase is due to the influx of mothers and their children from Central America, she said.
Border Patrol agents must do "pat down searches" of women detained at the border, so it helps to have women agents who can do those searches, she said.

Male Border Patrol Agents have been searching female arrestees for years.  It is clear that the Obama Regime wants these female Agents only for the processing for release into the United States this huge influx of female illegal aliens.  There is a good reason that so few women apply for the Border Patrol Agent position.  It is the most physically demanding job in law enforcement in the United States. These female Border Patrol Agents will not be arresting and deporting illegal aliens, but will be the welcoming committee for the next wave of illegal aliens, which is already upon us.

San Antonio Express December 19, 2014 by  Jason Buch and Aaron Nelsen
Border Patrol Apprehensions Increase For Third Year In A Row
For the first time in decades, most of the immigrants detained crossing the border illegally came from countries other than Mexico this year, while the total number of apprehensions climbed for the third year in a row, numbers released this week show.
Border Patrol agents caught 486,651 immigrants nationwide in fiscal year 2014, data released by the Homeland Security Department show, a 16 percent increase over last year’s 420,789.
The increase was driven largely by the unaccompanied children and families from Central America who flooded the Rio Grande Valley this spring and summer, officials said. Agents in the Valley detained nearly 50,000 unaccompanied children and another 29,000 traveling with adults.
The total number of immigrants apprehended in the Valley during fiscal year 2014 increased by about 100,000, to 256,393.

It is clear that illegal aliens have gotten the message from the Obama Regime, they are free to come to the United States and will be allowed to remain even if arrested at the border.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mexican Official In Arizona Unwittingly Opens Up Avenue To Attack The Expansion Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty

A traitorous Mexican police chief, ostensibly an American citizen, but obviously loyal to Mexico and Mexicans, has announced that it will not enforce portions of the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, an Arizona statute commonly and mistakenly referred to as Senate Bill 1070.

Star-Tribune, December 17, 2014, by Astrid Galvan , Associated Press
Tucson, Arizona, Police Say They Will No Longer Check Immigration Status In Some Cases
TUCSON, Ariz. — Tucson police said Wednesday they will no longer fully enforce the state's landmark immigration law that requires local police to check the immigration status of people they encounter while enforcing other laws.
Chief Roberto Villaseñor said his officers will now only check immigration status and call the U.S. Border Patrol when a person has prior serious felony convictions, poses a threat to national security or has gang affiliations.
The criteria was set out for federal immigration authorities in an executive order issued last month by President Barack Obama intended to prioritize offenders for deportation.
The Arizona law, SB 1070, requires police, while enforcing other laws, to question the status of people suspected of being in the country illegally.

Now, the Mexican police chief has an excuse:

Villaseñor cited a provision in the law that says police should only enforce it when it is practical. He contends it is no longer practical because immigration authorities do not respond to calls by police in the vast majority of cases.
Tucson officers have placed about 11,000 calls to the Border Patrol since July on such matters and only received 94 replies, the chief said.
"So it's really a futile effort," he said.

And he is open that this is only a rationalization, as he supports illegal immigration and massive violations of Federal law.  Note that all employees, including police officers, in Tucson take an oath to support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States as well as that of the State of Arizona.

Villaseñor has been a vocal opponent of the law but has said he is obligated to enforce it.

Of course, he feels an obligation to enforce it, but he isn't enforcing it.

However, this opens up the Obama Regime to a challenge in court to its illegal and unconstitutional Administrative Amnesty.

In fact, the Department of Homeland Security is obliged to respond and act when contacted by State and local law enforcement regarding illegal aliens.  Title 8 United States Code (USC) Section 1226 instructs the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to create and maintain a system supporting State and local law enforcement in the area of immigration law.  For the uninitiated, all references to the Attorney General in the Immigration and Nationality Act (Title 8) were made applicable to the DHS Secretary by the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

Legal Information Institute, Cornell Law School

(d) Identification of criminal aliens
(1) The Attorney General shall devise and implement a system—
(A) to make available, daily (on a 24-hour basis), to Federal, State, and local authorities the investigative resources of the Service to determine whether individuals arrested by such authorities for aggravated felonies are aliens;
(B) to designate and train officers and employees of the Service to serve as a liaison to Federal, State, and local law enforcement and correctional agencies and courts with respect to the arrest, conviction, and release of any alien charged with an aggravated felony; and
(C) which uses computer resources to maintain a current record of aliens who have been convicted of an aggravated felony, and indicates those who have been removed.

Furthermore, section (c) 8 USC 1226 requires the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to take into custody all illegal aliens.

(c) Detention of criminal aliens
(1) Custody
The Attorney General shall take into custody any alien who—
(A) is inadmissible by reason of having committed any offense covered in section 1182 (a)(2) of this title,
(B) is deportable by reason of having committed any offense covered in section 1227 (a)(2)(A)(ii), (A)(iii), (B), (C), or (D) of this title,
(C) is deportable under section 1227 (a)(2)(A)(i) of this title on the basis of an offense for which the alien has been sentence  to a term of imprisonment of at least 1 year, or
(D) is inadmissible under section 1182 (a)(3)(B) of this title or deportable under section 1227 (a)(4)(B) of this title,
when the alien is released, without regard to whether the alien is released on parole, supervised release, or probation, and without regard to whether the alien may be arrested or imprisoned again for the same offense.

Now, much has been made of a legal challenge to the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty, as the concept of standing requires either authority to challenge the constitutionality of the law from legislation or a constitutional standing.  Generally, legislation and the Constitution requires the litigant to have suffered a harm.

In this case where the law requires DHS to respond and take custody of illegal aliens.  But DHS is not responding to its legal obligation. Congress by legislation mandated that DHS respond to State and local law enforcement who encounter illegal aliens. This gives every State and local government if it has a law enforcement function, as all do, legal standing to challenge the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty for criminal aliens if the Regime does not respond to arrests of illegal aliens.  

This does not excuse or indemnify the RINO leadership John Boehner and Mitch McConnell from their failures and political consequences, but the reviews to date by courts show that all aspects of the Administrative Amnesty are unconstitutional. A challenge just needs a State or local government to take action, or a DHS employee to refuse to implement the Administrative Amnesty and wait upon  DHS to initiate disciplinary action, creating the injury that a litigant needs to sue on the amnesty issue.