Thursday, May 29, 2008

Aiding and Abetting

18 United States Code Section 2 prohibits persons from assisting another in committing a federal crime. Again, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took more action to assist illegals in remaining in the United States. ( As you read the story, after arresting a number of illegal aliens and deporting most, ICE allows three female illegals to remain. They are required to appear at their own volition at an immigration hearing. They will not. They have no reason to. They know they will be ordered deported. 90 percent of illegals ordered deported never do. More importantly, these illegals will continue to work. Some will even return to the French Bakery. ICE will make no effort to see if they continue to violate the laws. They will remain on welfare and they will not be prosecuted for misuse of social security number and identy theft (18 USC 1028A). Their husbands and boyfriends who were deported will quickly return having nothing to fear as ICE never follows up on their action. In fact they encourage and assist illegals with children to remain. In San Diego the women and their children could be quickly returned to Mexico with out having to spend any time in jail. The border is right there. And why do we care if there are "child care issues?" In the old days, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service would have take the whole family in custody and quickly removed them to Mexico. That is deterance and enforcement.

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