Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Non-Feasance From ICE

Another story in the theme of the active non-enforcement of the immigration laws of the U.S. Today, Brian DeMore (http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-immig27-2008may27,0,2592588.story), Acting Field Office Director for Detention and Removal Operations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Los Angeles Office, commented on the round of of hundreds of illegals. Like most ICE officials, he spins the theme that ICE is involved in ongoing operations to protect the U.S. from a terrorist attack. Well, someone should call the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in Los Angeles, as the FBI has primary jurisdiction in terrorism investigations. But, DeMore's spin on his Deportation Officer's work is disingenuous, misleading, and designed to loose support in the public eye for immigration enforcement. What DeMore did not say was that no terrorists were arrested. That is not to criticize the good work done recently in Los Angeles, as the removal of illegal aliens, much less those who are child molesters, previously deported, or the just plain illegal. However, halfway down the story, DeMore goes into appology mode for arresting the just plain illegal. ICE claims to have a priority list with terrorists at the top and the just plain illegal at the bottom. Gang bangers, rapists, the previously deported, and those with outstanding orders of deportation somewhere in between. Nothing more embarrasing that a law enforcement official appologizing for arresting someone. And to boot, he says his officers exercise discretion. Or otherwords, they commit non-feasance; more simply just don't do their jobs. More than likely the lucky illegals encountered but not arrested are females with kids; basically kids are now the get out of jail or don't go to jail card. Just the magnet for their husbands or boyfriends who were arrested to swiftly return after an unplanned visit to Tijuana.

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