Monday, May 26, 2008

What is the Federal Government Doing?

Many readers have noted that the Federal Government has been very active in the immigration enforcement issue of late. The issue is this for real or a Potempkin Village?

Given the Agriprocessors raid and this interesting tidbit from Kentucky ( claim indicated that the government is serious. In some ways it is; the largest raid in history and the unique and original use of a seldom used federal statute against a landlord for harboring illegals.

However, looked at historically, the Bush Administration is still behind the yearly averages of removed aliens in comparison to the Clinton Administration. Thanks to Debbie Schussel and confirmed by my inside knowledge regarding the actual practice of immigration law enforcment, as well as about continuing fraud ( in the benefits administered by the State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the enforcement action is a Potempkin Village or, as was BBB, commonly said, boob bait for bubbas. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona State Legislature, the City of Irving (TX), and the Oklahoma State Legislature are doing more for immigration enforcement.

One has only to look at McCain's recent backtracking ( on what message he had allegedly got from the American people, to see that the agenda is still amnesty directed. The most revealing though is the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy of continuing the catch and release policy (as shown by the release of over 50 aliens from the Agriprocessors raid) and the continuing policy of ignoring most immigration violations that come to it's attention. From the coverage of the Agripocessors case, hundreds were arrested there, but only at the plant. Press reports also showed that many illegals were not even arrested during the raid, but ignored. I read several reports of illegals not arrest who were employed, but worse yet, there were no arrests outside the plant. Press coverage showed not only illegals hiding in the local Catholic Church in Postville, but others hiding at home. Even though hundreds of ICE Special Agents, Immigration Enforcement Agents, and Deportation Officers were involved in the raid of the meatpacking plant, none left the plant to follow up on leads as to the location of other illegal aliens, especially family members. In any law enforcement agency, follow is standard proceedure. Here ICE ignored the thousands of illegals in Postville not actually at the meatpacking plant. The Bush Administration doesn't want too many arrests, especially of spouces and children, who remain in the US after the deportation of one member of the household, who soon returns over the still unyet secured border with Mexico and Canada.

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