Sunday, June 29, 2008

ICE, Frozen

Besides the flagrant violations of the law in San Francisco's assistance with drug dealing, alien smuggling, and fraud, (, here is another example of the Federal government talking about enforcing the law, but not actually doing anything about it. So far we have two instances of the City of San Francisco, and very unlikely that they were actually juveniles, caught red-handed smuggling illegal aliens out of the United States in order that the illegals not be caught. Why haven't the probation officers been charged? Why haven't their superiors been charged? Why hasn't the City been criminally charged as have so many corporations that have been shielding illegals? There is only one reason, George Bush, who, for some strange reason, has expressed so much support for the homosexual obsessed Gavin Newsome, just as Bush has curried favor with the corrupt Mayor of Chicago. Now ICE is making examples of some corporations with high profile raids and criminal prosecution. What is stopping them from charging the lawless employees of San Francisco?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stupid Party, Identification and Illegals

Recently a State of Conneticut official declared that the identities of the illegal aliens who obtained New Haven municipal identification cards,,0,1356815.story, are protected from release of that identification to the public. Well, and were not liberals very eager throughout the U.S., especially in Virginia, to obtain the identifying information about Concealed Weapons Permits and publish their names and addresses? But, as again, the problem was given to us by the incompetant Republicans in the House. Why? Because instead of a simple bill that prohibited illegals from obtaining any sort of ID in the U.S., the Stupid Party created some a national identification card through the REALID Act, instead of just prohibiting and punishing giving identification to illegals. Soon, the states who refuse to participate in REALID, Montana, Maine, New Mexico, and Alaska, will be allowed into the system while still issueing ID to illegals. To make matters worse, ICE has refused to subpoena the New Haven records in order to arrest those illegals. instead ICE spends millions on show arrests of a few hundred illegals, most of whom are released the next day, never to appear at their deportation hearings.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Left Now Opposed To The Events Of 1776

Writing about Justice Scalia's opinion in Heller, some obscure Bolshevik law professor in SCOTUSBlog,, stated that he was worried that Justice Scalia supported what he called the insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Beside claiming that the DC handgun ban caused crime to decrease in DC, even though crime increased exponentially after the ban, he claimed that our Founding Fathers, such as James Madison, and others such as Edmunde Burke, were opposed to the revolt against King George III and his tyranny. Apparently, only proto-communists like Robespierre, support citizens of a country being armed. Wow, our Founders opposed an armed populace. No need to write something like "....the right of the PEOPLE [not the militia, not the state, not the army, not the ruling class, not the King's regiments, not the police, not federal agents, but the people) to keep and bear arms. This goes as to how liberals are dishonest. Everyone of our Founders supported an armed populace, armed with the most advanced firearms of the day. Who is the people. According to liberals like our obscure Bolshevik, only the state, whether it be the KGB, or the DCPD, or Mugabe's "veterns", or Bobbies, can be armed. Interestingly, in his screed against the "insurrectionists" he ignores Jefferson's Tree of Liberty. Just where are liberals going? Well, they are going the MLK, Sandanista, Nelson Mandela, Ayers, new-left dictatorship route.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Schools Drown in Illegals

I went to school in California during it's golden age, both before and after Proposition 13. In fact, it was the best school system in the world. But, as the BBC reports,, it is in perilous decline. Though the BBC trys to blame it on budget cuts, even though billions more are spent each year than those great days of the 70s. The describe one school that 'Parthenia may not be a place of academic brilliance, but it is a place of achievement: an improving school or, as principal Marcia Jackman tells me, "an inspiring school"'. Well, that school is full of illegals and welfare recipients. 85% Hispanic, half don't speak English, and 15% black. Combine the welfare state with illegals and what do you get"; complete failure, not really inspiring. They whine that they don't have enough training time for teachers. Well, why did they hire teachers who cannot teach? And the Federal government wastes more taxpayer dollars on the illegal alien school and the nearby white school has to raise funds from parents. With a $16 billion deficit, how much more can the taxpayers afford?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Osama and Asylum

Well, the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy have done it; extended habeas corpus rights to terrorists held outside the United States. Never mind that prisoners of war have never held those rights before and the Supremen Court has previously stated that explicitly, it is done. Now, once President Obama captures Osama, and a federal district judge orders his release, where does Osama go? Well, he gets released in the U.S. The only place he could be safe. And we can't get rid of him. Osama and his Democrat lawyers will immediately file an application for asylum. That will stay any deporation or rendition. As if there is any country that will want him. And guess what? He will qualify for extensive welfare payments. Maybe Catholic Charities will give him a car courtesy of the taxpayers? Welcome to the brave new world of counterterrorism.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Biometrics On The Border, But Not On Ours

From Michelle Malkin, via Pakistan, (, the Afghan government will be installing biometric devises to capture and compare biomatric data in an effort to control the border. Interestingly enough, we have similar devises on our land border, but we are not using them. At aiports and seaports, all arriving aliens must surrender fingerprints for comparison and review before the aliens are admitted. The same devises that are used at the sea and airports are available on our borders with Canada and Mexico, but President Bush has prohibited their use except in secondary inspection of the aliens. On primary inspection, pedestrians and passengers in vehicles are not entered into the data bases that would catch imposters and those living in the U.S. illegally. Why not? Mostly because that would cause the wait times for vehicles on the land borders to increase. And the local politicians have intimidated Bush, even though the border counties of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California did not vote for him. It appears that the cartels and the city council of El Paso are making out security policies.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Millionaire Illegals

The Los Angeles Times brings us another example of illegals, non-enforcement, Bush's border elite, and bilingualism. (,0,7929819.story?page=1) Of course, Richard Marosi, the reporter, gets the important facts wrong.

He starts out describing the Javier Plascencia family, who moved, lock, stock and barrel, along with employees, and opened a restaurant. He then describes their status as "The presence of the immigrants, most in the U.S. legally, is unmistakable in the many gated, master-planned communities of eastern Chula Vista, where parking lots for upscale stores and spas are sprinkled with Baja California license plates".

Unfortunately, that is not true. You just cannot move to the U.S. You need an immigrant visa. Most likely, these TJ millionaires have a visitor's visa, not an immigrant visa, which you need to live in the U.S. These wealthy are as illegal as the impoverished car wash worker or day laborer.

Worse, they, like their poorer compatriots are colonizing San Diego. "I always say that Eastlake is the city with the highest standard of living in all of Mexico," joked Enrique Hernandez Pulido, a San Diego-based attorney with many Mexican emigre clients.......So many upper-class Mexican families live in the Eastlake neighborhood and Bonita, an unincorporated community adjacent to Chula Vista, that residents say the area is becoming a gilded colony of Mexicans, where speaking English is optional and people can breathe easy cruising around in their Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs".

Again, where is Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Customs and Border Protection. These millionaire illegals fragrantly cross the border and live openly, ignoring the English language and American law openly. This is the fantasy of Bush and McCain, a world without borders.