Sunday, June 22, 2008

California Schools Drown in Illegals

I went to school in California during it's golden age, both before and after Proposition 13. In fact, it was the best school system in the world. But, as the BBC reports,, it is in perilous decline. Though the BBC trys to blame it on budget cuts, even though billions more are spent each year than those great days of the 70s. The describe one school that 'Parthenia may not be a place of academic brilliance, but it is a place of achievement: an improving school or, as principal Marcia Jackman tells me, "an inspiring school"'. Well, that school is full of illegals and welfare recipients. 85% Hispanic, half don't speak English, and 15% black. Combine the welfare state with illegals and what do you get"; complete failure, not really inspiring. They whine that they don't have enough training time for teachers. Well, why did they hire teachers who cannot teach? And the Federal government wastes more taxpayer dollars on the illegal alien school and the nearby white school has to raise funds from parents. With a $16 billion deficit, how much more can the taxpayers afford?

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