Sunday, June 29, 2008

ICE, Frozen

Besides the flagrant violations of the law in San Francisco's assistance with drug dealing, alien smuggling, and fraud, (, here is another example of the Federal government talking about enforcing the law, but not actually doing anything about it. So far we have two instances of the City of San Francisco, and very unlikely that they were actually juveniles, caught red-handed smuggling illegal aliens out of the United States in order that the illegals not be caught. Why haven't the probation officers been charged? Why haven't their superiors been charged? Why hasn't the City been criminally charged as have so many corporations that have been shielding illegals? There is only one reason, George Bush, who, for some strange reason, has expressed so much support for the homosexual obsessed Gavin Newsome, just as Bush has curried favor with the corrupt Mayor of Chicago. Now ICE is making examples of some corporations with high profile raids and criminal prosecution. What is stopping them from charging the lawless employees of San Francisco?

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