Thursday, June 26, 2008

Left Now Opposed To The Events Of 1776

Writing about Justice Scalia's opinion in Heller, some obscure Bolshevik law professor in SCOTUSBlog,, stated that he was worried that Justice Scalia supported what he called the insurrectionist view of the Second Amendment to the Constitution. Beside claiming that the DC handgun ban caused crime to decrease in DC, even though crime increased exponentially after the ban, he claimed that our Founding Fathers, such as James Madison, and others such as Edmunde Burke, were opposed to the revolt against King George III and his tyranny. Apparently, only proto-communists like Robespierre, support citizens of a country being armed. Wow, our Founders opposed an armed populace. No need to write something like "....the right of the PEOPLE [not the militia, not the state, not the army, not the ruling class, not the King's regiments, not the police, not federal agents, but the people) to keep and bear arms. This goes as to how liberals are dishonest. Everyone of our Founders supported an armed populace, armed with the most advanced firearms of the day. Who is the people. According to liberals like our obscure Bolshevik, only the state, whether it be the KGB, or the DCPD, or Mugabe's "veterns", or Bobbies, can be armed. Interestingly, in his screed against the "insurrectionists" he ignores Jefferson's Tree of Liberty. Just where are liberals going? Well, they are going the MLK, Sandanista, Nelson Mandela, Ayers, new-left dictatorship route.

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