Sunday, June 8, 2008

Millionaire Illegals

The Los Angeles Times brings us another example of illegals, non-enforcement, Bush's border elite, and bilingualism. (,0,7929819.story?page=1) Of course, Richard Marosi, the reporter, gets the important facts wrong.

He starts out describing the Javier Plascencia family, who moved, lock, stock and barrel, along with employees, and opened a restaurant. He then describes their status as "The presence of the immigrants, most in the U.S. legally, is unmistakable in the many gated, master-planned communities of eastern Chula Vista, where parking lots for upscale stores and spas are sprinkled with Baja California license plates".

Unfortunately, that is not true. You just cannot move to the U.S. You need an immigrant visa. Most likely, these TJ millionaires have a visitor's visa, not an immigrant visa, which you need to live in the U.S. These wealthy are as illegal as the impoverished car wash worker or day laborer.

Worse, they, like their poorer compatriots are colonizing San Diego. "I always say that Eastlake is the city with the highest standard of living in all of Mexico," joked Enrique Hernandez Pulido, a San Diego-based attorney with many Mexican emigre clients.......So many upper-class Mexican families live in the Eastlake neighborhood and Bonita, an unincorporated community adjacent to Chula Vista, that residents say the area is becoming a gilded colony of Mexicans, where speaking English is optional and people can breathe easy cruising around in their Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs".

Again, where is Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Customs and Border Protection. These millionaire illegals fragrantly cross the border and live openly, ignoring the English language and American law openly. This is the fantasy of Bush and McCain, a world without borders.

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