Saturday, June 21, 2008

Osama and Asylum

Well, the Supreme Court and Justice Kennedy have done it; extended habeas corpus rights to terrorists held outside the United States. Never mind that prisoners of war have never held those rights before and the Supremen Court has previously stated that explicitly, it is done. Now, once President Obama captures Osama, and a federal district judge orders his release, where does Osama go? Well, he gets released in the U.S. The only place he could be safe. And we can't get rid of him. Osama and his Democrat lawyers will immediately file an application for asylum. That will stay any deporation or rendition. As if there is any country that will want him. And guess what? He will qualify for extensive welfare payments. Maybe Catholic Charities will give him a car courtesy of the taxpayers? Welcome to the brave new world of counterterrorism.

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