Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stupid Party, Identification and Illegals

Recently a State of Conneticut official declared that the identities of the illegal aliens who obtained New Haven municipal identification cards,,0,1356815.story, are protected from release of that identification to the public. Well, and were not liberals very eager throughout the U.S., especially in Virginia, to obtain the identifying information about Concealed Weapons Permits and publish their names and addresses? But, as again, the problem was given to us by the incompetant Republicans in the House. Why? Because instead of a simple bill that prohibited illegals from obtaining any sort of ID in the U.S., the Stupid Party created some a national identification card through the REALID Act, instead of just prohibiting and punishing giving identification to illegals. Soon, the states who refuse to participate in REALID, Montana, Maine, New Mexico, and Alaska, will be allowed into the system while still issueing ID to illegals. To make matters worse, ICE has refused to subpoena the New Haven records in order to arrest those illegals. instead ICE spends millions on show arrests of a few hundred illegals, most of whom are released the next day, never to appear at their deportation hearings.

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