Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obamessiah Wrong: Japanese Not Spanish

As always the NYT always has some decent stories, something usually related to something not related to the NYTs agenda. Here we find a story about a dearth of the NYTs ultimate love, lawyers. It appears that there aren't enought lawyers in Japan, and the Japanese don't care, don't need them, and are quite happy with that. Well, boo hoo hoo. But it does say something about Japan. Productivity, harmony, and the good of society are more important than whiney minorities, litigious attorneys, the village idiot athiest, and assorted complainers. It also, implicitly, and obviously without the imput of the NYTs Kommissar, skewers the ideology of the neo-cons and the mulikults: That diversity is good and white people are evil; That the U.S. is a nation of cultural unity, based on language and culture under the legacy of the Common Law and Christianity. Well, you say, they Japanese are none of that. But they are unified by language and culture, with their own common law. They lack Christianity, but could have had it without changing their culture. Their Christians were strong, brave, and steadfast, like the Saxon liege-man. Oh, what could have been, and without the lawyers. God does work in mysterious ways.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Double Standard

The U.S. government has demanded the extradition of a Serbian national from Serbia because of an arrest warrant issued under state law in New York. The U.S. warned Serbia of serious consquences over failure to extradited the Serbian national. This is interesting in that Isreal and Mexico routinely refuse to extradite their nationals to the U.S. As a matter of fact, they use the same excuse as Serbia; their laws prohibit extradition of their citizens. Recently, Mexico refused to extradite a citizen who is wanted in the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. This is very interesting as the government is so concerned about a minor assault case charged in state court, but unconcerned about the murder of a federal law enforcement officer.

ICE Aids And Abets Illegals

Recently, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official Jim Pendergraph informed North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper that illegal aliens may enroll in colleges in the United States. That is interesting, as it is illegal for any alien, other than an alien lawfully admitted in an immigrant or non-immigrant classification, to enroll in any school in the U.S. Here we have a federal official aiding and abetting the violation of the law. What hath George Bush wrought.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Well, hit will hit soon. Retailers will soon be raising prices significantly. You can thank the greeediest bunch of welfare cheats since the food stamp queen, the American farmer. He is the perfect Bush Republican: Wants his illegal alien labor, subsidies, and protection from competition, either foreign or domestic. Thanks to price supports and ethanol, the American farmer is draining the pocket of every American. Not content with that, he is demanding more, keeping out competition from Brazilian ethanol which is much cheaper. The only consolation is that with the increasing price of corn, the price of ethanol is skyrocketing. This is the perfect Bush version of the free market, socialize cost with subsidies, tax breaks, and welfare for the illegal alien workforce, and privatize the profit, record prices for corn and all the products that corn goes into, like chicken, beef, eggs, milk, etc. Sort of the Republican version of Lenin's State Capitalism, sort of Market Socialism. Thanks alot.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

And You Thought Muslims Will Fit In

Aside from the invite the world idiocy of George Bush, liberals are even worse when it comes to inviting the worst of the world to the U.S. Think Edwin Ramos writ large, but instead of targeting random drivers, think genocide. That is what is happening in that green and pleasant land we once knew as England.,-say-third-of-Muslim-students.html

Of course, we have that now in the U.S. too. Dearbornistan, sharia taxis in Minneapolis, Wahhabi mosques in San Francisco; when will liberals learn? When their dear friends from the Middle East start executing drag queens on Castro Street.

Interestingly by the way, the Telegraph story showed how the reporter and the editor surrendered to Sharia law. It refered to God as Allah. Now Muslims claim that Allah, or more accurately, Al-Ilah, the mood god, is the same God of Abraham, but if that is so, why did the dhimmis at the Telegraph not translate H(h)is name for the story? I think there story about Muslims wanting Sharia law was a little late. It has already happened at the Telegraph.

ICE, Guilty As Charged

It is slowly coming out, but the agency charged with finding, arresting, and removing illegal aliens from the United States, is, in fact, a co-conspirator, with the illegal aliens, and guilty of causing the deaths of innoncent American citizens in order to protect the illegal alien.,0,1134867.story Hidden deep in the story about the murders of three Americans by an illegal alien gangbanger, the spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in San Francisco, Tim Counts, claimed that ICE informed the San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD) that the gangbanger, Edwin Ramos, was an alien in removal proceedings. Counts also claimed that ICE was informed about Ramos after he was released.

However, here is the rest of the story. One might think from the above that ICE's butt was covered. It would be, if you don't know how to interpret what ICE said. Now the SFSD claimed it informed ICE twice about Ramos, but was told by ICE that Ramos was not deportable. However, Ramos was already in deportation proceedings, but had been allowed to remain in the U.S. by ICE and not taken into custody, even though ICE knew he was a danger to society.

And the reason why? Twofold, ICE is run by liberal activists that burrowed into the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service under the former Commissioner, Doris Meissner. In the Clinton administration she initiated policies that stopped enforcement action against illegal aliens, especially action against juveniles, women, and families. Under her, the only way to be deported was to be a heterosexual single male convicted adult criminal. But even then, the Clinton Administration was deporting more illegals than the Bush administration. If you were a juvenile, even a gangbanger, little or no action was to be taken. It was part of the unofficial amnesty program. The practice was to not take aliens into custody, consequently their deportation proceedings could be dragged out for many years. The law required that aliens in custody receive their deportation hearings within a few days unless the alien aquiesses to a longer period. Ramos was an illegal alien and identified to ICE as a criminal. He tried to get legal status by applying for the amnesty available for Salvadorans who were previously, and correctly, denied their fraudulent asylum claims. He applied as the dependant of one of those Salvadorans denied asylum. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied his application, probably based on his juvenile criminal record. However, he was not arrested and placed in custody, but allowed to remain in the U.S. He then tried to obtain legal status by marriage to an American citizen, clearly fraudulently. USCIS denied the application for residency surprisingly, since USCIS makes no effort at stopping marriage fraud today. However, he was again, not placed in custody, but was apparently placed in deportation proceedings. He was free to continue his life of crime while waiting for a hearing before an administrave law judge of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), undoubtedly over a year or so in the future, and indefinately extendable through reschedules, appeals, and other machinations of the unethical immigration bar.

However, the real reason he was not taken into custody, was that ICE just does not care about arresting and removing aliens, especially if they are in sanctuary cities. ICE is quite happy with the morrass that is the EOIR which in San Francisco is populated by liberal activist attorneys hired by the EOIR from the immigration bar.

The SFSD reported that ICE just did not think Ramos was deportable when ICE was first contacted by SFSD. That is typical of ICE, as they have established their "priorities" and a mere report from a law enforcement agency will not prompt them into action. Their "priorities" are 1) terrorists, 2) convicted adult criminals, 3) those previously deported, and 4) those previously arrested by ICE. Everything else they pretty much ignore, to the detriment of 3 Americans who are now dead.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sanctuary City and Defacto Amnesty

Since San Francisco will seek the death penalty for cop killers and mass murders thanks to the affirmative action DA Kamala Harris, Representative Tom Tancredo, the Hero of the Rockies, is seeking federal intervention in the prosecution of the illegal alien gangbanger and beneficiary of the San Francisco Santuary Program for Murders Edwin Ramos. While the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California Joseph Russoniello talks a good game, he is not much of a prosecutor. He refused to prosecute the SF officials responsible for protecting Ramos and others, so there is not much hope there. It does lead us again to the defacto amnesty that the consitutent parts of the Department of Homeland Security are administering in San Francisco. In other cities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is in the enforcement business,, but in San Francisco, the ICE office is in the amnesty business, not an amnesty passed by Congress, but it's own not so secret amnesty. The amnesty it administers is that those hiring illegal aliens for restaurant work are not arrest, prosecuted, or raided, but allowed to continue their use of illegal alien labor. No restaurant in San Francisco has been raided by ICE or its predessor, the INS, in 20 years. ICE makes no independent effort to control illegal alien hiring centers contracted by the City and County of San Francisco and it allows illegal alien gangs to flourish and spread in San Francisco, making parts of the city uninhabitable by law abiding people. Whole areas of San Francisco's Mission District are populated with illegal aliens living in the open. Why hasn't ICE's San Francisco Field Office and it's Special Agent in Charge, reachable at (510) 267-3800, ordered the formation of a unit dedicated to uprooting gangs like MS-13 who are terrorizing and killing San Franciscans? Why not form a unit that goes into San Francisco, stops gangmembers and arrests those who are illegal aliens? Why is there a defacto amnesty for gangbangers like Ramos? Now ICE is trying to blame the San Francisco Sheriff's Department for not notifying them that Ramos had been arrested again, but ICE already knew he was an illegal alien who had submitted a fraudulent applications for amnesty and legal permanent residency, but did not take him into custody. Why? How many other gangbangers has ICE ignored or released? Those of us not murdered yet want to know.

Monday, July 21, 2008

So You Think Bush Is Enforcing Immgration Law? Think Again

The San Francisco Chronicle has exposed Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as either incompetant or criminally negligent. I appears that ICE and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) were shielding the convicted gang-banger from deportation. Usually this is incompetance, but USCIS has an unwritten policy of doing all it can, like the City of San Francisco, to protect illegals from the consquences of their illegal status. This gang-banger tried to obtain legal residency by first applying for the ongoing amnesty for Central Americans then using a fraudulent marriage to a U.S. citizen to obtain residency. Because of the unwritten rule that ICE and USCIS use of giving illegals any opportunity to stay, he stayed, and, of course, killed some Americans. But President Bush thinks murder is a family value from south of the Rio Grande and that value has been learned by ICE and USCIS. Let's get the Bushism money quote from the City and County of San Francisco's Sheriff's Department spokesman regarding their contact with ICE concerning the gang-banger "'In our communication with ICE, they specifically told us they were not placing a detainer on him,' Hirst said. 'We cannot hold people in custody without a documented reason to hold them.'" No reason to hold him? Convicted felon, illegal alien, arrested with a gun used in a double homicide? No reason? Your tax dollars at work.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Reason To Stop Immigration From Pakistan

600 American boys sent to madrassas in Pakistan by their illegal alien or immigrant parents. Scarey. Even more interesting is that liberals claim that poverty causes parents to send their children to madrasses. No, liberals are wrong and stupid. Parents send their children to madrasses because they are evil, hatefilled, crazed Muslims. They want to train their young boys to murder, rape, and terrorize, all bases on their hatred of America where they live on welfare and their hatred of Christians. And we let these people into the U.S. for no reason other than a self hatred that wants to destroy America.

More Reasons To Stop Immigration

The National Geographic Channel had an interesting study of gangs in Los Angeles County, but inadvertantly it was testimony for halting immigration from Mexico. One of the gangbangers profiled was a 16 year old Mexican American with an illegal alien father, Everardo. By the end of the documentary the little gangster had lit out from the fake gang intervention program because the Mexican Mafia put out a hit on him. Of course, the liberals were saying that gang-bangers exist because they don't have fathers, but this gang-banger's father, a deported illegal, was a gangster himself. Now, if we had an agressive enforcement policy against illegal immigration, such as identifying and deporting illegal alien mothers on welfare, this little gangster would never have been born here. Our policy of tolerating illegal aliens is leading to murder and mayhem. Even for the illegals, a life of working on a small farm with back breaking daily labor would have been better off than killed in a gang war.

Liberals Are Stupid California Autarky Edition

The San Francisco Chronicle, delving into the alleged Peak Oil issue (yes, there is a finite amounto of oil, but no one knows how much especially since huge amounts of territory are off limits to drilling) published a piece by Erica Etelson, who for some reason, the SFC tells us lives in 6,694-acre Berkeley, who thinks that California can become self sufficient in food by prohibiting California farmers from exporting food outside the state, growing only organic food, and prohibiting them from using oil based fertilizers and pesticides. Of course, there is no legal way to prohibit farmers from exporting, unless you believe in the living Constitution. But, more significantly, it shows how ignorant leftists are. No nation, much less a State has ever been economically independent. But apparently California can attain it by organic agriculture and the 55 mph speed limit. She, of course, doesn't talk about the billions of barrels of oil off California's coast, doesn't talk about cheap and unlimted nuclear power nor about the Rancho Seco nuclear plant that was shut down for no reason other than ideology, doesn't talk about the millions of illegal and legal immigrants that come to California and need to be fed, housed, and employed (sort of, as most are quite happy on welfare), nor does she talk about the real economy or where people live. She thinks that California's suburbs and single-family homes can be dug up and replaced by high-rise apartments close to public transporation. She also thinks diesel busses in Oakland can be electified, but of course, doesn't mention how that electricity will be generated. Solar? Wind? Perhaps Senator Kennedy will allow some wind turbines of Kennebunkport someday.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Of Fat 'Tards Too Lazy To Walk To Work

Your tax dollars at work, in two unfortuneate ways. Your tax dollars paid for a whining story about lazy fat people demanding more welfare money. The story was ill disguised illegal lobbying by National Public Radio. The alleged reporter is parroting the Obamessiah and the Democrats demanding more money for a whole extended family of lazy people living off welfare and Social Security fraud. Have these people no shame. To be morbidly obese and demand more food paid for by taxpayers is liberalism at it's finest. The surprise is that they were not illegal aliens, well at least not illegal aliens who cannot speak English.

Mr. Justice Kennedy

There is an interesting article in the NYT today. It will certainly put Mr. Justice Kennedy in a spot. The Swing Justice, who seems the darling of liberals for his support for foreign entanglements in our Constitution, and the liblerals who fawn over him, will be confronted with a decidedly illiberal foreign precedent for not excluding evidence unconstitutionally obtained by state level law enforcement. Now real adherents to the Constitution need not search foreign lands for reason to ditch the exclusionary rule, at least for the States, as, for one there is nothing in the Constitution that requires it and, more importantly, even if the exclusionary rule applied to federal prosecutions, it cannot apply to the States, as applying such rules to the states violates stare decisis. Before the innovations of the Warren Court there was no supervision of State criminal law. State law and courts stood alone unless they violated federalist principles, such as making treaties or regulating interstate commerce.

But back to the point, no one else uses an exclusionary rule, so will Mr. Justice Kennedy and the others on the court who are obsessed with foreign precedent follow their precedent or will they suddenly reject the foreign examples.

Even more interesting, where is the Obamessiah on this issue? French speaking and Spanish speaking courts do not use the exclusionary rule. Is that enough for the Obamessiah or will he suddenly become less enamored of the alien?

Can't Keep The Arguement Straight

Illegal immigration brings out the strangests things among the radical left. A recent story from Arizona regarding their own law against alien smuggling highlights this, especially with regard to the recent events in San Francisco brought to the City by the Bay by their very metrosexual Mayor, Gavin Newsom. For details of that see previous posts.

Recently, a state appellate court upheld the state immigration smuggling law. Radical leftist lawyers, employed by the state at the unconstitutional order of the Supreme Court argued for the illegal alien defendant that the state law was unconstitutional because it interferred with federal immigration law and was pre-empted by the supremacy clause of the Constitution. But aside from the amusing fact that a leftist attorney supports a Constitution created by white male slave owners, apparently that attorney hasn't read the Supreme Court decisions that states have an inherent authority to enforce federal law and that the Supreme Court has repeately stated that Federal government and State governments are sovereign, there is nothing in the Arizona alien smuggling law that interfers with Federal law. In fact, the law, and the enforcement of the law, complement and assist Federal law and the enforcement of Federal law.

The interesting thing is that those same radical leftist attorney's on the tax payer dole at the order of the Supreme Court turn about and argue that the Very Metrosexual Mayor and others can openly and actively aid, abet, and assist aliens to violate federal law. Even worse, even after the Supreme Court upheld Federal drug laws and allowed enforcement against persons claiming they use marijuana for "medical purposes", without a prescription mind you, the Very Metrosexual Mayor continues to argue that San Francisco is exempt from Federal law. Worse, the Very Metrosexual Mayor and the bolshie lawyers argue that while Federal law and the Constitution, along with the supremacy clause, do not apply to Baghdad By The Bay, they do apply to the soveriegn territory of the Republic of Cuba.

In reality, liberal lawyers, like the attorneys in Arizona or the attorneys for San Francisco, are just dishonest. They never seek truth, but like Bolsheviks, they only seek whatever advantage they receive politically from any legal question. There is no law to them other than what best works for their ideology.

They tell us the Supreme Court is the final arbiter of the law of the land and the Constitution, but when they get a decision not alligned with a living constititution, they go ballistic, claiming the right to ignore any law they disagree with, a la MLK. Let's see if stare decisis is upheld by any future Obama court. Perhaps we can use Heller for that stare decisis check. Or better yet let's see if the once condemned resistance to Supreme Court decisions as in the South regarding segregation, is so condemned in Washington DC resistance to Heller or the medical marijuana decision.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lying Liberals, More Of A Continuing Series

Recently the NYT and a court interpretor combined to attack the limited immigration enforcement occuring recently, and First, both whine that the laws against illegal immigration and misuse of another persons Social Security Number and ignore what happens to the real holder of the number, such has impact on credit and income not reported to the IRS, but both claim that immigration enforcement is increasing. While that is true compared to the collapse in immigration enforcement that occured after the start of the Bush Administration in 2001, but compared to the Clinton Administration, current arrests of illegals at work-sites has decreased.

But back to the main topic, which is the lies the NYT and Erik Camayd-Freixas, a professor at Florida Atlantic University. Both attack the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid on the Agriprocessors Inc meatpacking plant at Postville, IA. Aside from the fact that it was the largest raid in ICE history, which, of course, has only been around since 2003, the NYT and Camayd gets everything wrong in his meandering complaint.

Like typical Bolsheviks, their first complaint is that those arrested were "Native Americans", as if that mattered. Apparently arrests for criminal violations should be based on a persons race or nationality. Now, of course, none of those arrested were "Native Americans", they were aliens. Now Camayd whines futher that their Guatamalan and Mexican nationality was imposed on them. Now, what does that mean? What it means is that Camayd hates white people and the nation-state. He believes in the neo-Marxist theory of the Noble Savage. Apparently societies were better when the native Mayans sacrificed humans and they Mayan nobility used forced labor to build useless pyramids. Apparently Bolsheviks have given up on the class struggle and gone over to the race struggle. As Gomer Pyle says, Surrrrrpriseee, Surrrrprrrrissssssse.

While Camayd goes on and on about how wonderful and objective interpretors are, though a quick scan of his university department faculty members, it appears Camayd is one of those Spanish language supremasists. Interesting for a race Marxist, since Spanish is the language of the conquistadors who oppressed the poor Mayans and other "Native Americans" who, of course, were barbaric practitioners of human sacrifice. I always thought that problem was solved when the Romans destroyed Carthage, but the modern liberal has reverted to the worship of those who practice human sacrifice. Note also that liberals are the primary defenders of Al-Queda and other modern practitioners of human sacrifice. Funny that the liberals who taught me in high school used the old movie short, The Lottery, to attack conservatives as small town, small minded human sacrificers, but it turns out that the modern liberal is the new Montezuma, braying for blood of whites and Christians.

But, I digress again. Back to the good professor and his lies. This part again shows that give a liberal a doctorate in anything, be it Spanish or Yoga, or whatever, he becomes a lawyer, even without any training in the law.

First, he claims that 18 USC 1028A Aggravated Identity Theft, requires that a person who steals and uses the identity of another, including an SSN, must know the victim. Huh? So if someone steals my identity or SSN, for it to be a crime he or she must know me? Nothing like that in the US Code. He then goes on to claim that the same law requires an illegal act by the person using the identity. That is true, but he then claims that working in the U.S. by an alien without authorization is not illegal. WTF? I guess this wannabe lawyer doesn't know that it is illegal for an alien to work in the U.S. without authorization. Guess Camayd never perused Title 8 of the US Code during his interpreting training. It is dry reading, but clear that aliens need authorization to work in the U.S.

Camayd then goes on to whine about the plea deals that were offered to those arrested for criminal offenses. Instead of being tried for multiple offenses, including 18 USC 1028A Aggravated Identity Theft, the criminals pled guilty to lesser offenses, including Title 42 U.S.C. 408(a)(7)(B) False Representation of a Social Security Number and received a five month sentence. Camayd then goes to complain that they could not work and provide for their families. He claims that the families are all overseas, but then goes on to complain about all the children and wives who fled to the local Catholic Church to seek refuge. He also complains that all the arrestees just wanted to be deported and did not want to spend any more time in custody. Then he says that they would all be victims of political violence in Guatamala. Problem is that the political violence ended in the 90s with the election a liberal government and prosecution of military leaders who led the violence in the 80s. But, of course, in next sentences he claims that the poor illegals just came to work because of poverty in Mexico and Guatamala.

Then he misrepresents federal sentencing guidelines, claiming that Chapter 11(c)(1)(C) of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedurerequires that a judge impose the sentence agreed upon by the attorney for the defendant and the government in their plea agreement. Not so. Nothing in the above requires a judge to impose any sentence in the guidelines. The judge could have given either harsher or lighter sentences.

Finally, he claims that ICE is "infiltrating" the judicial branch because the Department of Homeland Security hires and assigns attorneys to work as Special Assistant United States Attorneys in United States Attorney's Offices throughout the U.S. Apparently Camayd never studied American government when he was getting his degree at Harvard, because United States Attorney's Offices are part of the Department of Justice, part of the Executive branch of government, not the Judicial branch. Ever heard of the three branches of government professor?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Propoganda Not Journalism

Tyche Hendriks of the San Francisco Chronicle had another illegal alien sob story. He whined that an illegal alien who submitted a fraudulent asylum application might be sent back to Armenia. This must be the only article on illegal immigration that did not accuse Americans of being racists, I guess since Armenians are white and Christian. Poor illegal, he has no complaint against America, unlike all the other illegals who whine that America is racist, while giving them billions in welfare and a job to many of the less lazy among them. The interesting thing about this article is that the subject, Arthur Mkoyan, has been the subject of much attention in the media. It appears that Hendriks just repeated the whining of the premier lobbyist for illegals in the media, Ruben Navarrettr, The decline of the Chronicle knows no lows, but the usual racist whiner who writes the sobs stories at the Chronicle was probably unavailable. But I guess since the Chronicle only reprints wire stories and NYT stories, Hendriks meets the journalistic standards of the Chronicle.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

So, Can We Use This As Precedent?

Child welfare officials have removed two children from the custody of their mother because she is a white supremasist and possessed swastikas.,2933,380741,00.html Aside from the fact that Hindus and Bhuddists used the swastika, does this mean we can remove children from the home of Baraka Hussein Obama, the black racist nationalist church member? Does it mean we can remove children from the homes of Muslim fanatics who force their daughters to wear burkhas and other weird forms of dress? Does it mean that we can remove children from the homes of Muslim who attend hate mosques? Does it mean we can rescue children from the Nation of Islam? Should Senator Dianne Feinstein be held responsible for children killed in the hate Church of the People's Temple of Reverend Jim Jones fame? Should Reverend Jesse Jackson's children be prohibited from contact with racists like the good Reverend? Many questions here. Any answers? Comment please.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Its Official, Liberals Are Hypocrites

Charles Rangel, millionaire (after he spend numerous years in Congress) is a hypocrite. The Congressman who allegedly is concerned about the homeless and the poor lives in four rent controlled apartments in NYC. Rangel has for years attacked those who create jobs and those who work for a living, demanding payments from those people to support the homeless, lazy, and criminal, accepted this gift of four rent controlled apartments at below market rates from a major political contributor and beneficiary of his political power. Rangel has been silent, then supported the apartment building owner's efforts to evict others who exploit the rent control system in NYC. The owner and other property owners have been making strenuous efforts to evict those who don't actually live in their apartments, subleasing or using the apartment as pied-a-terres. Other articles in the NYT described those who own homes in other cities and states as still benefiting from rent control. But in an age of alleged increase in the homeless because of evil non-existent cuts in welfare, Congressman Rangel uses four apartments, two one bedroom, one studio and one two-bedroom. One is used as a political office, and three have been combined into one luxurious apartment. If liberals really cared about the poor, they would have imposed income and other restrictions on the beneficiaries of rent control, but instead liberals exploit the system for their own greed and luxury. Like Stalin's private dachas, Rangel's special apartments are the proof that liberals don't care about the homeless or working classes, just themselves and their own greed and power.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Imported Family Values

Looks like honor killings are coming to America big time, even in Georgia. This is what La Raza, George Bush, John McCain, the Obamessiah, and the Wall Street Journal want for America. Do you?

Obamessiah Birth Certificate Not Fake And Not A Birth Certificate

There has been much to do about the alleged Obamessiah birth certificate that has been all over the web, both right and left, including the site that trys to hide the truth about the Obamessiah, Stop the Smears. Funny that they think Hussein is a smeer, but maybe liberals do realize that Shariah law does call for executing homosexuals and unveiled women.

But back to the big issue. Is the Certificate of Birth that is at the center of controversy acutally a Certificate of Live Birth. Well, not quite. It is in fact, an Abstract of a Certificate of Birth. An Abstract of a Certificate of Birth summarizes the information on a Birth Certificate. (Please note that I am using Birth Certificate and Certificate of Live Birth interchangeably.)

The controversy is whether Obama was born in the U.S. and is therefore a natural born citizen of the U.S. Now the left and some right wing bloggers are claiming that it has been proved that the document on the Obama site or proffered by Obamaniacs on their own sites are true and correct copies of the actual document. However, that is not the real issue. The real issue is twofold. Why isn't the acutal Birth Certificate being placed in the public eye and what the actual Birth Certificate will reveal. More importantly though is what the controversy reveals about the Obamessiah's attitude to American and our values.

Now, while the State of Hawaii legally indentifies the document under scrutiny as a "Certificate of Live Birth", it is, by any description, an Abstract of a Certificate of Live Birth. An Abstract of Live Birth summarizes the information on a Certificate of Live Birth. Consequently, the abstract presented by the Obamessiah may be accurate, but it, like a bikini, althoug reveals much, covers the most important part; the details of Obama's birth. If you examine the document, it only summarizes certain facts of Obama's birth. It, however, was not created in 1961, it is a computer generated and printed document. Not many computers in Hawaii in '61. Those of this site's dear readers older than, say 20 years of age, should examine their own original birth certificates, regardless of state. Now, don't examine an abstract, but the original certificate signed by the physician who delivered you. Back then and for some years afterward blank certificates were issued by county governments to physicians and hospitals for their lawful use. These certificates are quite distinctive and they look nothing like the abstract with minimal information that is being reviewed on the internet. There is no signature of the attending physician and, more importantly, no boxes filled in with type written or hand written information. Just check out your own original certificate.

Now we get to the crux of the problem: the original certifcate. Is it an comteraneously issued certificate or is it what is known as a late birth certificate. What is that? It is in most aspects it is identical to a birth certificate issued to someone born in the jurisdiction of the issuing authority. Late birth certificates though are issued to a person who may or may not have been born in the jurisdiction or even on the date on the certificate. They were orginally created for those allegedly not able to record their births. The usual claim was that they lived so far in the country side that there was no convient way to get to the county seat, or did not have an attending physician or midwife. However, it has now been adopted by illegal immigrants as a way to obtain citizenship, especially for illegal alien minors. Many jurisdictions, especially those in California freely issue late birth certificates based on little valid evidence, usually only asking for notorized statements or easily created "baptismal certificates." Now, I am not claiming the Messiah is an illegal alien, but, if he was born overseas, his family easily could have obtained a late birth certificate and falsely claimed he was born in Hawaii. The necessary clue for a late birth certificate is the date of issue of the certificate, and, of course, the missing details, such as physicians signature.

The Messiah can halt all this speculation if he just releases the original certificate.
However, I think he refuses because he realizes that no matter where he was born, he is alien to America. His religion is a crazed neo-pagan worship of Africa with it's attendant racism; His politics are a fear of Christianity, fealty to homosexuals, hatred of any speech that he opposes; abortion first, last and always; His economics is a hatred of free enterprise and hard work; His ideals are a welfare state for all, with, presumably, the Chinese providing all the goods and services that all these people with free time need.

He probably is not an alien, but he sure is alienated from what America is.

Not All Muslims Are Terrorists

And I have a bridge to sell you...........Just read this from the UK:'celebrate+his+life'/ All these moderate Muslims, who are opposed to terrorism, are unashamedly celebrating the life and work of a terrorist. The Religion of Peace celebrating terrorists? I am shocked, shocked I tell you. Actually, not. It is to be expected. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, there is only a Muslim who is not fully practicing his religion. The less a Muslim practices Islam, the less danger he is. The more a Muslim practices his religion, the greater danger he is. Let's look at this family who is celebrating the terrorist attacks of 7/7. They are only separated from the terrorist by their fear of the sacrifice necessary to be a full Muslim. However, the terrorists need these people as they are the sea that the terrorist fish swim in. If all Muslims were open terrorists, then they would loose the war quickly. The use of sympathizers in the Muslim population is part of the tactic. The terrorists neither want or need, at this moment, all Muslims to be terrorists. They need a sympathetic population to hide in, to fund raise in, and recruit in. Britian's end will be the immigration of both the terrorists and their sympathizers.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obamaniacs = Idiots, Racists, and Foreigners

Recently I was listening to a podcast of Hugh Hewitt and he had some Obamaniacs on. The lesson was that some people are just too stupid to be allowed to vote. The first I heard was one who called in to claim Hewitt was a racist for criticizing the Messiah. Hewitt tried to reason with him and explain the issues and why he opposed the Messiah. The caller, Lester, if that was his real name, just kept repeating the mantra, then went on to decry Hewitt's support "for the other guy, what is his name?" Hewitt then said "McCain" and the Obamaniac repeated "What is his name?" "Lester" might have been playing, but I appeared to me that he really did not know who the other guy was. Now, from the caller's accent, it was clear he was a Mexican American from southern California. Hewitt did not know that or pretended not to know that, which I find hard to believe for someone who has spent most of his adult life in southern California, but then asked "Lester" if he was black. Lester replied, "No, Mexican." as if Mexican is a race, and one can be racist against a nationality. Now "Lester" was claiming to have been a Marine who participated in the liberation of Iraq, but he stated it was all just for oil, because one of his missions in the liberation of Iraq was to secure the oil fields. Now, Hewitt pointed out what Hussein, the other Hussein, did with the oil fields during the Gulf War, but this Marine did not know anything about that. There are several telling things about Lester the Obamaniac, besides the fact that he could only repeat the mantras of the radical left, war for oil, hope, change: First, he could not separate facts from opinion; Second, he self identified himself as a Mexican. Wow, any number of years in the Marine Corps and he still self-identifes as a Mexican; Third, he said he left the Corps because of stop-loss. What? Stop-loss did not come in to well into the occupation and "Lester" said he was there for the liberation and his tour was a total of six months. So, did "Lester" have some secret squirrel inside knowledge that the Army would two years later begin a policy of stop-loss. So far a I know the USMC never had a such a program, but I could be wrong, but it certainly was started in 2003. Fourth, "Lester", the Marine, stated that the Iraq campaign was six months, it was so because he was there six months. Hewitt had to correct him, and repeat the correction before "Lester" the Marine admitted it was a three week campaign. So, here we have it, Obamaniacs are idiots and foreigners. If this is not enough, Willy was the next caller that I heard. He claimed to be a USC undergrad hoping to go to law school and be a Justice Department lawyer. Hewitt asked if he had ever been in the library, but Willy said that he had never been in the "libarry." Willy also claimed that he was studying Arabic, but when asked to give an example, this brilliant pre-law student, could not give a single word of Arabic. His only word of Arabic was Obama. Now this guy also failed Hewitt's knowledge test, he had no idea about how many NRA members there are and the population of India (He though 1.8 billion). He claimed to be studying "international translation of speeches and things like that." " It's a new course that USC offers trying to learn people how to speak more Arabic and different things like that. They say the FBI don't have enough people speaking Middle East." What a winner. Now Hewitt had the class not to ask this guy if he was black, but did ask him if he liked Jesse Jackson, which was a much clever way of discovering Willy's race, which in any even was obvious anyway. Case closed, Obamaniacs are idiots, racists, and foreigners. Which leads us to Hewitt, how could he think that these people can be reasoned with? Stupid is as stupid does. A caller followed up with the point that these people cannot be reached, they were just too stupid. Hewitt thought they could be appealed to by having them think of the future of their children. But, the only way to get people like this to vote for McCain is to deal with their irrationality, emotionality and group interest. Now there is no hope for Willy, but Lester, if he really exists and is not a seminar caller, could be reached, but you can only do it one way, play on his Mexicanism. Point out that his children will be victims of black on Mexican crime or that he be a victim of black centric affirmative action by using the widespread racism in the Mexican community. Otherwise, he cannot be reached and the fantasy of Bush's appeal to Hispanics as the family value Hispanics, and constantly repeated by Hewitt, is as irrational as the irrationality of the Obamaniacs.

Friday, July 4, 2008

No Further Proof Needed

The ACLU claims that it is defending American liberties against the enemies of liberty, but here is the proof that that is a lie. The ACLU is, as it was founded, a Communist front, more concerned about terrorists, aliens, fiction, and its political agenda. Just as the ACLU never defends conservatives on campus, as they don't consider the First Amendment to apply to people with whom it disagrees, it will not defend the Second Amendment and the protections it provides to individual liberty. Move along, no individual liberties here.

What Is This Man Thinking?

Many of you have followed the ongoing issue of illegal aliens in Maricopa County. Recently Mesa officials, including George Gascon, Chief of Police. Recently, the MPD change it's policies towards illegals, giving officers more lattitude to contact the United States Border Patrol or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. However, the Chief made so inaccurate and foolish statements about the Constitution and it's relationship to the investigation of crimes, which apply to both local and federal crimes. While the Constitution, or more rightly, the amendments to the Constitution that deal with trials, searches, and indictments, do apply to all persons within the jurisdiction of the federal courts, there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits state law enforcement officials from conducting an investigation into any crime, including a federal crime. Nothing in the Constitution prohibits any law enforcement official, including a MPD officer, from approaching and questioning any person about any crime. Now, however, Chief Gascon thinks that his officers cannot questioning a person about their violation of immigration laws because there is a Constitutional prohibition. Now the Chief did not explain how sometimes his officers are permited to do that and sometimes they are not. The legal precedents are clear. A law enforcement officer can approach any person and question them about any crime. If they refuse to answer questions, the person can break off contact or continue to refuse to answer. However, the officer can hold the person if the officer, through his training, experience, and knowledge of crime, can hold that person and continue either questioning or investigating a potential criminal investigation. That was codified in a Supreme Court decision, Terry v. Ohio. In legal jargon it is called a Terry Stop. Basically a person can he detained by a law enforcement officer until the officer has either gathered or failed to gather sufficient evidence to make a probable cause arrest. Even more recently, the Court ruled that officers can even stop and hold someone who does not have sufficient means of identification, especially a driver of a vehicle. I am sure the MPD uses that technique on an hourly basis on a variety of crimes. But Chief Gascon seems to think that those perfectly Constitutional and legal techniques do not apply to illegal aliens. Well, many claim that illegal aliens are not committing crimes. Well, that is what liberals say, and they are liars. Yes, liars, as they and their attorneys know that any alien who enters the U.S. without inspection or commits fraud at enty (e.g. lies to obtain admission to the U.S.) has commited a federal criminal offense, 8 USC 1325, Improper Entry By An Alien. Now illegal aliens commit many other crimes, usually including some sort of crime related to false identity documents and misuse of Social Security Numbers and documents. And today, the Mexican government now issues, before it did not as I can personally attest to, an identity document to its citizens in the U.S. unlawfully. It is called the Certificado de Matricula Consular. This is sufficient probable cause for any law enforcement officer to hold a person as part of an investigation and sufficient to make a probable cause arrest. It is more than sufficient to call USBP or ICE, so they can make a non-criminal arrest based on the Immigration and Nationality Act. Previously MPD had a sanctuary policy until the public pressure was to great. Now Chief Gascon wants to have it both ways, appear to do something about illegals, but not do too much. The current obsession now is dealing with felons, but the real question is dealing with lower level crimes and the collateral illegals that any investigation eventually uncovers. Now Chief Gascon and most other police departments say they want to protect witnesses and victims, but that is just a convient public excuse not to arrest lower level illegal alien criminals, such as those encountered in traffic stops. Chief Gascon is caught between a rock and public opinion, and is dancing around the issue like a ballerina, because he supports illegal immigration and he is claiming that conducting an investigation is unconstitutional. Let it be heard around the world, illegals do not have a constitutional right not to be investigated, arrested, or referred to ICE or USBP.

One By One

One of the illegal alien drug dealers released or more accurately given the opportunity to easily escape, has been recaptured. While not recaptured by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, this does demonstrate that ICEs strategy against illegal immigration is not working. ICE publicly states that it concentrates on the most dangerous illegals and lets the rest remain in the U.S. This, of course, is a foolish policy. Illegal immigration is like guerilla warfare; they need a sea to swim in, to paraphrase Mao Tse-t'ung. These illegals would not be here if they did not have a community to live in un-noticed. Previous posts and links to press reports described how these illegal alien drug dealers live in the East Bay or Oakland, but, of course, failed to mention that they are living in the large illegal alien community in East Oakland, where they fit right in. Because ICE makes no enforcement efforts in these communities, they live without fear, even apparently when they are arrested and convicted of crimes. They are hiding in plain sight, but unlike in Poe's story, not unnoticed, just ignored.

So Liberals Are Patriotic?

Independence Day is here and guess what, no 4th of July Parade in San Francisco. Last weekend the City and County of San Francisco spent millions supporting a parade that included public appearances of peodophiles. Every year the homosexual community does a miniature Sister Soulja and denounces, ever so quietly though, NAMBLA, but every year allows them in the LBGTQ Pride Parade. Of course, many years ago, they all said it is just a question of accepting homosexuality, but each year more demands surface. First it is just tolerate, then it demands acceptance, then demands subsidy, then demands an end to non-existend discrimination, then demands affirmative action, then demands a privilidged place in education, then demands marriage, but what did we get from all this? AIDS and John Walker Lindh, the Marin County Jihadi, who, if his father had controlled his homosexuality and his mother had refused to accept that amicable divorce, and society had not been fooled by the salami tactics of the Pink-Red allliance, perhaps we might have faced at least one less Jihadi, maybe alot more. And they tell us liberals are patriotic. They have an agenda, but it is not love of country, maybe love of Greek love.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

ICE And San Francisco Weasels

The broughaha over San Francisco's alien smuggling has come to an ignoble end, at least for patriotic Americans ( I do mean patriotic. Those who support the SF illegal alien sanctuary are not patriots, plain and simple.) Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the United States Attorney Joseph Russoniello have surrendered, aquiessing to assurances, rather than a legal committment, that San Francisco will provide information on illegal alien juveniles who commit or have been convicted of felonies. Not a word about other crimes commited by much less convicted illegal alien juveniles. More importantly, there will be no investigation of or prohibition on the illegal alien identification cards or illegal aliens participating in the San Francisco free health plan that includes all illegals. President Jorge Bush must be proud of Mayor Gavin Newsom, similar to Bush's endorsement of Newsom soon after Newsom started to marry homosexuals in violation of the law.

Safe Havens

The press has been abuzz about where Al-Quaida will hide no that Afghanistan and Iraq are no longer options. However, it looks like the UK and the US are the next hideouts as well. Make that 5. And, how about San Francisco? Mayor Gavin Newsom and his appointees,, apparantly care more for illegal aliens than Americans. Note that San Francisco has several Wahhabi mosques that preach hate and terrorism. Why does the Mayor continue the hands off policy towards illegal aliens and their mosques?

No Black Racists Here

Pay no attention to Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jessie Hymietown Jackson, Reverend Jerimiah Wright, or the Reverend Otis Moss, rabid racists all; Pay no attention to Baraka Hussein Obama's claim that the Repubicans are going to point out that he is black [sic: He is still half white.] Well, here is confirmation that blacks have a big problem with whites. It appears that the unknown and under the radar Cindy McCain is disliked by blacks in large numbers. Why do blacks hate Cindy McCain? I can see why they hate John McCain, as he was courageous in voting against the MLK Holiday. I would have voted for him for that reason, but he recently changed his mind. But why hate Cindy? What did she ever do to blacks?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Liberals Lie

Well, Mayor Gavin Newsom has changed his mind and "taken" responsibility, well sort of. He now says that it was his or his chief of Juvenile Probation's responsibility to inform Immgiration and Customs Enforcement about juveniles convicted of "felonies." Newsom, and not William Siffermann, is ordering cooperation with ICE in felony cases. Nice, but that leaves alot of misdemeanor criminals roaming the streets. Too bad he did not order that sooner. Which brings us to the feckless United States Attorney Joseph Russoniello, who is now satistifed. Well, regardless of current cooperation, that does not wash away previous sins, or the crimes committed by Newsom, Sifferman, and the lying bureaucrats in Juvenile Probation Department. Why not prosecute these people, if for no other reason to discourage them from doing it again.

Questioning Patriotism, A Continuing Lesson

Well, the Democrats, and Baraka Hussein Obama, have again been exposed for what they are,, by their own lack of patriotism. There is only one national anthem, not one for blacks, there is one American flag, not one for ethnic Mexicans, there is only one language, it's not Spanish, there is only one loyalty, it's not Afrocentric. If it is wrong to question Baraka Hussein Obama's patriotism, is it wrong to question the patriotism of Benedict Arnold or Alger Hiss or the Lakawana Six? Let's face it, some people are more patriotic than others. Baraka Hussein Obama and his minions who adopt his middle name, are less patriotic. As a matter of fact, Baraka Hussein Obama, who until recently refused to wear a flag lapel pin, who denigrated those who do, is not a patriot. He does not love his country. He loves half of his race, he loves Africa, he loves Islam, he loves people on welfare, he hates his white half, he hates America, he hates gun owners, he hates Christians, he hates people with jobs, he hates children, born or not, he worships abortion, he worships taxes, he worships solar engery, he worships wind power (except when it interfers with the view from Martha's Vinyard), he hates oil, he hates nuclear power, he has a long list of likes and dislikes and the U. S. military is at the top of the hate list.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Not You, Not Me, Blame The Guy Behind The Tree

Events are proceeding fast and furious concerning the illegal alien smuggling ring organized and operate by the City and County of San Francisco in conjunction or to the benefit of drug gangs based in the East Bay, Mayor Gavin Newsom and Juvenile Probation Director William Siffermann have claimed that what has happened was not their responsibility, although they have stopped some of there actions in the alien smuggling conspiracy. Newsom blames the Juvenile Court judges. Problem is, once a sentence has been imposed by a judge in juvenile court, the City and County of San Francisco takes custody of the juvenile alien. As a matter of fact, there are now 11 illegal aliens (I suspect that number is much larger, but then, crime is still dominated by native born Blacks in San Francisco.) in custody. The Mayor wants to figure out what to do. What should be done is that Immigration and Customs Enforcement should present a case for prosecution of Siffermann, who appears to be the brains behind the smuggling operation, to the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California for various violations of Title 8, United States Code, Section 1324 Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens. Depending on what he knew and when he knew it, Newsom is liable as well, and could be held liable for violation of 18 USC 371 Conspiracy and 18 USC 2, 3, and 4. Lets see if the United States Attorney for the Northern District, Joseph Russonieli, has the courage to indict a powerful politician. Or maybe we can get Patrick Fitzgerald transfered here. It does not look good, as Immigration and Customs Enforcement is virtually appologizing for existing and not really enforcing the law. Witness the appologetic statement from ICE agent Greg Palmore, "Our job is to uphold the nation's immigration laws....Although San Francisco is a sanctuary city, it's a problem whenever someone attempts to evade the law. ... Our law does not allow us to turn a blind eye to any individual who has come into this country illegally." Does ICE now recognize sanctuary status?

Another Democrat Bolsters His Bolshevik Credentials

For all those who never question the patriotism of Democrats, here is an interesting story, It appears that Democrat Rep. Tim Mahoney of Florida thinks the Soviet War Criminals who first colluded with then fell out with Hitler, are worthy of praise. This goes back to the good old days of Roosevelt (the evil one not the good one) when we were allied with Uncle Joe. Some years ago, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Barbra Boxer, both Democrats, tried to give Soviet war criminals U.S. veterns benefits. They said the Soviets fought against Hitler, so they should get the same benefits. Well, first, the Bolsehviks we allowed to enter the U.S. are already bankrupting the Social Security Disability system and the Supplemental Security Income system, why should they get any more benefits? And, if you remember your history, the Soviets invaded Poland at the same time as the Germans did. Not only that, but they proceeded to enslave Eastern Europe and bring tyranny and terrorism to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Anglola, Mozambique, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia, among other victims. Perhaps there should be more questioning of patriotism, not less.

FBI Director's Inanities

The Director of the FBI recently gave a weird talk to law enforcement officials, In that talk he attacked the recent Heller decision by the Supreme Court. This is interesting, especially since federal employees, are prohibited from using their official positions for politics. More egrigiously, he, an attorney, attacked a now binding precedent on all branches of government. One wonders if he had attacked the recent decision on terrorist rights or Roe v. Wade. He would have been pilloried. As a law enforcement officer and head of the FBI, he is telling his agents to ignore the law in the interests of safer colleges. In his speech he claims he opposes the Heller decision because his grandchildren are in college and the decision makes colleges more dangerous. So, he ignores his oath as an FBI agent, his obligation as an executive branch official to follow the law, and his duty as an attorney to support judicial decisions and the courts. All because he thinks small colleges will be the source of terrorism in the future. Well, Director, the source of terrorism today is Islam, which while found at many colleges, is concentrated in crazy places like the University of California Irvine and madrasses all over the world, including one located in the heart of San Francisco, which his agents seem to be ignorning.

Queer Eye for the Taliban

It seems Mullah Omar has been following some old trends in the U.S. He has taken up shades and lost the turban, The important aspect of this post though is the sickening alliance between homosexuals in the West and radical Islam. Iran brags about executing homosexuals and liberals, homosexuals, and a certain New Yorker reporter claim George Bush is a war criminal. Even though homosexuals in the U.S. would be all executed under Islam, homosexuals are at the forefront of ex-Muslim Baraka Hussein Obama's campaign. Though most should not be surprised. The sexual tastes of the homosexual community is notoriously happy with pain and oppression, their pornography dominated by Nazi and Arab images of domination. Remember the 30s when homosexuals were more discreet, even then they lauded over Lawrence of Arabia because of their fantasies. It will be poetic justice that homosexuals in the U.S. will be the victims of their fantasy.

DHS Blocking Conservative Bloggers

The Department of Homeland Security is blocking conservative bloggers. Protien Wisdom, Ace of Spades HQ, Jawa, and Confederate Yankee are just some of the conservative bloggers being blocked while radical leftwingers like Hufpost are not. Why is that?

We Aren't Cops

Well, again, the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California, are drowning in hypocracy, A state legislator from San Francisco, Fiona Ma, wants trash companies to enforce the law against stealing recyclables. The same Ma claims that companies cannot be held responsible to obey the laws against hiring illegal aliens and to verify the eligibility of persons hired to be hired. But they can be required to discover whether an aluminum can presented for payment has been stolen from a curbside recycling bin.

Whoops, I Did It Again

The City and County of San Francisco have done it again, They continue to shelter illegal aliens from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the United States Attorney's Office for the Norther District of California, and those illegals are now back selling drugs and committing whatever other crimes. Since San Francisco does not have a Joe Horn, what is being done. ICE and the USAO are doing nothing. A criminal case against San Francisco would be quite easy. Simply indict the Parole Officers who have been transporting the illegals overseas and to Southern California. They will then roll on their supervisors, who will roll on their managers, who will then roll on the appointed and elected officials who ordered them to assist the illegal aliens in remaining in the U.S. or avoiding arrest by ICE. But why are we waiting so long for ICE to act?

Whoops, I Did It Again

The City and County of San Francisco just can't learn,, but the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Californai won't help them learn. While San Francisco's crime is unconsionalble, what is worse is that they continue to suffer no consequences for their crime. ICE and the USAO simple refuse to take the action necessary. It is not like these will be difficult cases. Indict the Parole Officers who have been aiding the aliens in their flights overseas. The Parole Officers then role on their supervisors who ordered them to do it; those supervisors then role on their managers; the managers then role on the appointed officials who instructed them to violate federal law. It is not rocket science.

Immigrants and Disease

Recently MSNBC,, brought up a scare story concerning the re-emergence or emergence of new and old parasitic diseases. The intent of MSNBC was to blame President Bush for the alleged effects of Hurricane Katrina on disease, but Bush's guilt is not with the issue of Hurricane Katrina, but what MSNBC did not tell it's readers. The diseases are coming as part of the massive wave of illegal immigration. MSNBC claims that upwards of 11 million people in Latin America are infected with Chagas disease. Well, guess where those 11 million are headed? And they will succeed because of Bush's refusal to build the border fence and, aside from Potemkin enforcement actions that are well publisized but too little, is doing nothing to find and remove those illegals already here.