Saturday, July 26, 2008

And You Thought Muslims Will Fit In

Aside from the invite the world idiocy of George Bush, liberals are even worse when it comes to inviting the worst of the world to the U.S. Think Edwin Ramos writ large, but instead of targeting random drivers, think genocide. That is what is happening in that green and pleasant land we once knew as England.,-say-third-of-Muslim-students.html

Of course, we have that now in the U.S. too. Dearbornistan, sharia taxis in Minneapolis, Wahhabi mosques in San Francisco; when will liberals learn? When their dear friends from the Middle East start executing drag queens on Castro Street.

Interestingly by the way, the Telegraph story showed how the reporter and the editor surrendered to Sharia law. It refered to God as Allah. Now Muslims claim that Allah, or more accurately, Al-Ilah, the mood god, is the same God of Abraham, but if that is so, why did the dhimmis at the Telegraph not translate H(h)is name for the story? I think there story about Muslims wanting Sharia law was a little late. It has already happened at the Telegraph.

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