Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chickens Coming Home To Roost

Well, hit will hit soon. Retailers will soon be raising prices significantly. You can thank the greeediest bunch of welfare cheats since the food stamp queen, the American farmer. He is the perfect Bush Republican: Wants his illegal alien labor, subsidies, and protection from competition, either foreign or domestic. Thanks to price supports and ethanol, the American farmer is draining the pocket of every American. Not content with that, he is demanding more, keeping out competition from Brazilian ethanol which is much cheaper. The only consolation is that with the increasing price of corn, the price of ethanol is skyrocketing. This is the perfect Bush version of the free market, socialize cost with subsidies, tax breaks, and welfare for the illegal alien workforce, and privatize the profit, record prices for corn and all the products that corn goes into, like chicken, beef, eggs, milk, etc. Sort of the Republican version of Lenin's State Capitalism, sort of Market Socialism. Thanks alot.

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