Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FBI Director's Inanities

The Director of the FBI recently gave a weird talk to law enforcement officials, http://www.bellinghamherald.com/354/story/455146.html. In that talk he attacked the recent Heller decision by the Supreme Court. This is interesting, especially since federal employees, are prohibited from using their official positions for politics. More egrigiously, he, an attorney, attacked a now binding precedent on all branches of government. One wonders if he had attacked the recent decision on terrorist rights or Roe v. Wade. He would have been pilloried. As a law enforcement officer and head of the FBI, he is telling his agents to ignore the law in the interests of safer colleges. In his speech he claims he opposes the Heller decision because his grandchildren are in college and the decision makes colleges more dangerous. So, he ignores his oath as an FBI agent, his obligation as an executive branch official to follow the law, and his duty as an attorney to support judicial decisions and the courts. All because he thinks small colleges will be the source of terrorism in the future. Well, Director, the source of terrorism today is Islam, which while found at many colleges, is concentrated in crazy places like the University of California Irvine and madrasses all over the world, including one located in the heart of San Francisco, which his agents seem to be ignorning.

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