Thursday, July 3, 2008

ICE And San Francisco Weasels

The broughaha over San Francisco's alien smuggling has come to an ignoble end, at least for patriotic Americans ( I do mean patriotic. Those who support the SF illegal alien sanctuary are not patriots, plain and simple.) Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the United States Attorney Joseph Russoniello have surrendered, aquiessing to assurances, rather than a legal committment, that San Francisco will provide information on illegal alien juveniles who commit or have been convicted of felonies. Not a word about other crimes commited by much less convicted illegal alien juveniles. More importantly, there will be no investigation of or prohibition on the illegal alien identification cards or illegal aliens participating in the San Francisco free health plan that includes all illegals. President Jorge Bush must be proud of Mayor Gavin Newsom, similar to Bush's endorsement of Newsom soon after Newsom started to marry homosexuals in violation of the law.

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