Saturday, July 26, 2008

ICE, Guilty As Charged

It is slowly coming out, but the agency charged with finding, arresting, and removing illegal aliens from the United States, is, in fact, a co-conspirator, with the illegal aliens, and guilty of causing the deaths of innoncent American citizens in order to protect the illegal alien.,0,1134867.story Hidden deep in the story about the murders of three Americans by an illegal alien gangbanger, the spokesman for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in San Francisco, Tim Counts, claimed that ICE informed the San Francisco Sheriff's Department (SFSD) that the gangbanger, Edwin Ramos, was an alien in removal proceedings. Counts also claimed that ICE was informed about Ramos after he was released.

However, here is the rest of the story. One might think from the above that ICE's butt was covered. It would be, if you don't know how to interpret what ICE said. Now the SFSD claimed it informed ICE twice about Ramos, but was told by ICE that Ramos was not deportable. However, Ramos was already in deportation proceedings, but had been allowed to remain in the U.S. by ICE and not taken into custody, even though ICE knew he was a danger to society.

And the reason why? Twofold, ICE is run by liberal activists that burrowed into the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service under the former Commissioner, Doris Meissner. In the Clinton administration she initiated policies that stopped enforcement action against illegal aliens, especially action against juveniles, women, and families. Under her, the only way to be deported was to be a heterosexual single male convicted adult criminal. But even then, the Clinton Administration was deporting more illegals than the Bush administration. If you were a juvenile, even a gangbanger, little or no action was to be taken. It was part of the unofficial amnesty program. The practice was to not take aliens into custody, consequently their deportation proceedings could be dragged out for many years. The law required that aliens in custody receive their deportation hearings within a few days unless the alien aquiesses to a longer period. Ramos was an illegal alien and identified to ICE as a criminal. He tried to get legal status by applying for the amnesty available for Salvadorans who were previously, and correctly, denied their fraudulent asylum claims. He applied as the dependant of one of those Salvadorans denied asylum. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) denied his application, probably based on his juvenile criminal record. However, he was not arrested and placed in custody, but allowed to remain in the U.S. He then tried to obtain legal status by marriage to an American citizen, clearly fraudulently. USCIS denied the application for residency surprisingly, since USCIS makes no effort at stopping marriage fraud today. However, he was again, not placed in custody, but was apparently placed in deportation proceedings. He was free to continue his life of crime while waiting for a hearing before an administrave law judge of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), undoubtedly over a year or so in the future, and indefinately extendable through reschedules, appeals, and other machinations of the unethical immigration bar.

However, the real reason he was not taken into custody, was that ICE just does not care about arresting and removing aliens, especially if they are in sanctuary cities. ICE is quite happy with the morrass that is the EOIR which in San Francisco is populated by liberal activist attorneys hired by the EOIR from the immigration bar.

The SFSD reported that ICE just did not think Ramos was deportable when ICE was first contacted by SFSD. That is typical of ICE, as they have established their "priorities" and a mere report from a law enforcement agency will not prompt them into action. Their "priorities" are 1) terrorists, 2) convicted adult criminals, 3) those previously deported, and 4) those previously arrested by ICE. Everything else they pretty much ignore, to the detriment of 3 Americans who are now dead.

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