Friday, July 11, 2008

Its Official, Liberals Are Hypocrites

Charles Rangel, millionaire (after he spend numerous years in Congress) is a hypocrite. The Congressman who allegedly is concerned about the homeless and the poor lives in four rent controlled apartments in NYC. Rangel has for years attacked those who create jobs and those who work for a living, demanding payments from those people to support the homeless, lazy, and criminal, accepted this gift of four rent controlled apartments at below market rates from a major political contributor and beneficiary of his political power. Rangel has been silent, then supported the apartment building owner's efforts to evict others who exploit the rent control system in NYC. The owner and other property owners have been making strenuous efforts to evict those who don't actually live in their apartments, subleasing or using the apartment as pied-a-terres. Other articles in the NYT described those who own homes in other cities and states as still benefiting from rent control. But in an age of alleged increase in the homeless because of evil non-existent cuts in welfare, Congressman Rangel uses four apartments, two one bedroom, one studio and one two-bedroom. One is used as a political office, and three have been combined into one luxurious apartment. If liberals really cared about the poor, they would have imposed income and other restrictions on the beneficiaries of rent control, but instead liberals exploit the system for their own greed and luxury. Like Stalin's private dachas, Rangel's special apartments are the proof that liberals don't care about the homeless or working classes, just themselves and their own greed and power.

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