Sunday, July 20, 2008

Liberals Are Stupid California Autarky Edition

The San Francisco Chronicle, delving into the alleged Peak Oil issue (yes, there is a finite amounto of oil, but no one knows how much especially since huge amounts of territory are off limits to drilling) published a piece by Erica Etelson, who for some reason, the SFC tells us lives in 6,694-acre Berkeley, who thinks that California can become self sufficient in food by prohibiting California farmers from exporting food outside the state, growing only organic food, and prohibiting them from using oil based fertilizers and pesticides. Of course, there is no legal way to prohibit farmers from exporting, unless you believe in the living Constitution. But, more significantly, it shows how ignorant leftists are. No nation, much less a State has ever been economically independent. But apparently California can attain it by organic agriculture and the 55 mph speed limit. She, of course, doesn't talk about the billions of barrels of oil off California's coast, doesn't talk about cheap and unlimted nuclear power nor about the Rancho Seco nuclear plant that was shut down for no reason other than ideology, doesn't talk about the millions of illegal and legal immigrants that come to California and need to be fed, housed, and employed (sort of, as most are quite happy on welfare), nor does she talk about the real economy or where people live. She thinks that California's suburbs and single-family homes can be dug up and replaced by high-rise apartments close to public transporation. She also thinks diesel busses in Oakland can be electified, but of course, doesn't mention how that electricity will be generated. Solar? Wind? Perhaps Senator Kennedy will allow some wind turbines of Kennebunkport someday.

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