Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Reasons To Stop Immigration

The National Geographic Channel had an interesting study of gangs in Los Angeles County, but inadvertantly it was testimony for halting immigration from Mexico. One of the gangbangers profiled was a 16 year old Mexican American with an illegal alien father, Everardo. By the end of the documentary the little gangster had lit out from the fake gang intervention program because the Mexican Mafia put out a hit on him. Of course, the liberals were saying that gang-bangers exist because they don't have fathers, but this gang-banger's father, a deported illegal, was a gangster himself. Now, if we had an agressive enforcement policy against illegal immigration, such as identifying and deporting illegal alien mothers on welfare, this little gangster would never have been born here. Our policy of tolerating illegal aliens is leading to murder and mayhem. Even for the illegals, a life of working on a small farm with back breaking daily labor would have been better off than killed in a gang war.

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