Monday, July 7, 2008

Not All Muslims Are Terrorists

And I have a bridge to sell you...........Just read this from the UK:'celebrate+his+life'/ All these moderate Muslims, who are opposed to terrorism, are unashamedly celebrating the life and work of a terrorist. The Religion of Peace celebrating terrorists? I am shocked, shocked I tell you. Actually, not. It is to be expected. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, there is only a Muslim who is not fully practicing his religion. The less a Muslim practices Islam, the less danger he is. The more a Muslim practices his religion, the greater danger he is. Let's look at this family who is celebrating the terrorist attacks of 7/7. They are only separated from the terrorist by their fear of the sacrifice necessary to be a full Muslim. However, the terrorists need these people as they are the sea that the terrorist fish swim in. If all Muslims were open terrorists, then they would loose the war quickly. The use of sympathizers in the Muslim population is part of the tactic. The terrorists neither want or need, at this moment, all Muslims to be terrorists. They need a sympathetic population to hide in, to fund raise in, and recruit in. Britian's end will be the immigration of both the terrorists and their sympathizers.

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