Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obamaniacs = Idiots, Racists, and Foreigners

Recently I was listening to a podcast of Hugh Hewitt and he had some Obamaniacs on. The lesson was that some people are just too stupid to be allowed to vote. The first I heard was one who called in to claim Hewitt was a racist for criticizing the Messiah. Hewitt tried to reason with him and explain the issues and why he opposed the Messiah. The caller, Lester, if that was his real name, just kept repeating the mantra, then went on to decry Hewitt's support "for the other guy, what is his name?" Hewitt then said "McCain" and the Obamaniac repeated "What is his name?" "Lester" might have been playing, but I appeared to me that he really did not know who the other guy was. Now, from the caller's accent, it was clear he was a Mexican American from southern California. Hewitt did not know that or pretended not to know that, which I find hard to believe for someone who has spent most of his adult life in southern California, but then asked "Lester" if he was black. Lester replied, "No, Mexican." as if Mexican is a race, and one can be racist against a nationality. Now "Lester" was claiming to have been a Marine who participated in the liberation of Iraq, but he stated it was all just for oil, because one of his missions in the liberation of Iraq was to secure the oil fields. Now, Hewitt pointed out what Hussein, the other Hussein, did with the oil fields during the Gulf War, but this Marine did not know anything about that. There are several telling things about Lester the Obamaniac, besides the fact that he could only repeat the mantras of the radical left, war for oil, hope, change: First, he could not separate facts from opinion; Second, he self identified himself as a Mexican. Wow, any number of years in the Marine Corps and he still self-identifes as a Mexican; Third, he said he left the Corps because of stop-loss. What? Stop-loss did not come in to well into the occupation and "Lester" said he was there for the liberation and his tour was a total of six months. So, did "Lester" have some secret squirrel inside knowledge that the Army would two years later begin a policy of stop-loss. So far a I know the USMC never had a such a program, but I could be wrong, but it certainly was started in 2003. Fourth, "Lester", the Marine, stated that the Iraq campaign was six months, it was so because he was there six months. Hewitt had to correct him, and repeat the correction before "Lester" the Marine admitted it was a three week campaign. So, here we have it, Obamaniacs are idiots and foreigners. If this is not enough, Willy was the next caller that I heard. He claimed to be a USC undergrad hoping to go to law school and be a Justice Department lawyer. Hewitt asked if he had ever been in the library, but Willy said that he had never been in the "libarry." Willy also claimed that he was studying Arabic, but when asked to give an example, this brilliant pre-law student, could not give a single word of Arabic. His only word of Arabic was Obama. Now this guy also failed Hewitt's knowledge test, he had no idea about how many NRA members there are and the population of India (He though 1.8 billion). He claimed to be studying "international translation of speeches and things like that." " It's a new course that USC offers trying to learn people how to speak more Arabic and different things like that. They say the FBI don't have enough people speaking Middle East." What a winner. Now Hewitt had the class not to ask this guy if he was black, but did ask him if he liked Jesse Jackson, which was a much clever way of discovering Willy's race, which in any even was obvious anyway. Case closed, Obamaniacs are idiots, racists, and foreigners. Which leads us to Hewitt, how could he think that these people can be reasoned with? Stupid is as stupid does. A caller followed up with the point that these people cannot be reached, they were just too stupid. Hewitt thought they could be appealed to by having them think of the future of their children. But, the only way to get people like this to vote for McCain is to deal with their irrationality, emotionality and group interest. Now there is no hope for Willy, but Lester, if he really exists and is not a seminar caller, could be reached, but you can only do it one way, play on his Mexicanism. Point out that his children will be victims of black on Mexican crime or that he be a victim of black centric affirmative action by using the widespread racism in the Mexican community. Otherwise, he cannot be reached and the fantasy of Bush's appeal to Hispanics as the family value Hispanics, and constantly repeated by Hewitt, is as irrational as the irrationality of the Obamaniacs.

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