Monday, July 7, 2008

Obamessiah Birth Certificate Not Fake And Not A Birth Certificate

There has been much to do about the alleged Obamessiah birth certificate that has been all over the web, both right and left, including the site that trys to hide the truth about the Obamessiah, Stop the Smears. Funny that they think Hussein is a smeer, but maybe liberals do realize that Shariah law does call for executing homosexuals and unveiled women.

But back to the big issue. Is the Certificate of Birth that is at the center of controversy acutally a Certificate of Live Birth. Well, not quite. It is in fact, an Abstract of a Certificate of Birth. An Abstract of a Certificate of Birth summarizes the information on a Birth Certificate. (Please note that I am using Birth Certificate and Certificate of Live Birth interchangeably.)

The controversy is whether Obama was born in the U.S. and is therefore a natural born citizen of the U.S. Now the left and some right wing bloggers are claiming that it has been proved that the document on the Obama site or proffered by Obamaniacs on their own sites are true and correct copies of the actual document. However, that is not the real issue. The real issue is twofold. Why isn't the acutal Birth Certificate being placed in the public eye and what the actual Birth Certificate will reveal. More importantly though is what the controversy reveals about the Obamessiah's attitude to American and our values.

Now, while the State of Hawaii legally indentifies the document under scrutiny as a "Certificate of Live Birth", it is, by any description, an Abstract of a Certificate of Live Birth. An Abstract of Live Birth summarizes the information on a Certificate of Live Birth. Consequently, the abstract presented by the Obamessiah may be accurate, but it, like a bikini, althoug reveals much, covers the most important part; the details of Obama's birth. If you examine the document, it only summarizes certain facts of Obama's birth. It, however, was not created in 1961, it is a computer generated and printed document. Not many computers in Hawaii in '61. Those of this site's dear readers older than, say 20 years of age, should examine their own original birth certificates, regardless of state. Now, don't examine an abstract, but the original certificate signed by the physician who delivered you. Back then and for some years afterward blank certificates were issued by county governments to physicians and hospitals for their lawful use. These certificates are quite distinctive and they look nothing like the abstract with minimal information that is being reviewed on the internet. There is no signature of the attending physician and, more importantly, no boxes filled in with type written or hand written information. Just check out your own original certificate.

Now we get to the crux of the problem: the original certifcate. Is it an comteraneously issued certificate or is it what is known as a late birth certificate. What is that? It is in most aspects it is identical to a birth certificate issued to someone born in the jurisdiction of the issuing authority. Late birth certificates though are issued to a person who may or may not have been born in the jurisdiction or even on the date on the certificate. They were orginally created for those allegedly not able to record their births. The usual claim was that they lived so far in the country side that there was no convient way to get to the county seat, or did not have an attending physician or midwife. However, it has now been adopted by illegal immigrants as a way to obtain citizenship, especially for illegal alien minors. Many jurisdictions, especially those in California freely issue late birth certificates based on little valid evidence, usually only asking for notorized statements or easily created "baptismal certificates." Now, I am not claiming the Messiah is an illegal alien, but, if he was born overseas, his family easily could have obtained a late birth certificate and falsely claimed he was born in Hawaii. The necessary clue for a late birth certificate is the date of issue of the certificate, and, of course, the missing details, such as physicians signature.

The Messiah can halt all this speculation if he just releases the original certificate.
However, I think he refuses because he realizes that no matter where he was born, he is alien to America. His religion is a crazed neo-pagan worship of Africa with it's attendant racism; His politics are a fear of Christianity, fealty to homosexuals, hatred of any speech that he opposes; abortion first, last and always; His economics is a hatred of free enterprise and hard work; His ideals are a welfare state for all, with, presumably, the Chinese providing all the goods and services that all these people with free time need.

He probably is not an alien, but he sure is alienated from what America is.

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