Thursday, July 31, 2008

Obamessiah Wrong: Japanese Not Spanish

As always the NYT always has some decent stories, something usually related to something not related to the NYTs agenda. Here we find a story about a dearth of the NYTs ultimate love, lawyers. It appears that there aren't enought lawyers in Japan, and the Japanese don't care, don't need them, and are quite happy with that. Well, boo hoo hoo. But it does say something about Japan. Productivity, harmony, and the good of society are more important than whiney minorities, litigious attorneys, the village idiot athiest, and assorted complainers. It also, implicitly, and obviously without the imput of the NYTs Kommissar, skewers the ideology of the neo-cons and the mulikults: That diversity is good and white people are evil; That the U.S. is a nation of cultural unity, based on language and culture under the legacy of the Common Law and Christianity. Well, you say, they Japanese are none of that. But they are unified by language and culture, with their own common law. They lack Christianity, but could have had it without changing their culture. Their Christians were strong, brave, and steadfast, like the Saxon liege-man. Oh, what could have been, and without the lawyers. God does work in mysterious ways.

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