Sunday, July 13, 2008

Propoganda Not Journalism

Tyche Hendriks of the San Francisco Chronicle had another illegal alien sob story. He whined that an illegal alien who submitted a fraudulent asylum application might be sent back to Armenia. This must be the only article on illegal immigration that did not accuse Americans of being racists, I guess since Armenians are white and Christian. Poor illegal, he has no complaint against America, unlike all the other illegals who whine that America is racist, while giving them billions in welfare and a job to many of the less lazy among them. The interesting thing about this article is that the subject, Arthur Mkoyan, has been the subject of much attention in the media. It appears that Hendriks just repeated the whining of the premier lobbyist for illegals in the media, Ruben Navarrettr, The decline of the Chronicle knows no lows, but the usual racist whiner who writes the sobs stories at the Chronicle was probably unavailable. But I guess since the Chronicle only reprints wire stories and NYT stories, Hendriks meets the journalistic standards of the Chronicle.

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