Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Questioning Patriotism, A Continuing Lesson

Well, the Democrats, and Baraka Hussein Obama, have again been exposed for what they are,, by their own lack of patriotism. There is only one national anthem, not one for blacks, there is one American flag, not one for ethnic Mexicans, there is only one language, it's not Spanish, there is only one loyalty, it's not Afrocentric. If it is wrong to question Baraka Hussein Obama's patriotism, is it wrong to question the patriotism of Benedict Arnold or Alger Hiss or the Lakawana Six? Let's face it, some people are more patriotic than others. Baraka Hussein Obama and his minions who adopt his middle name, are less patriotic. As a matter of fact, Baraka Hussein Obama, who until recently refused to wear a flag lapel pin, who denigrated those who do, is not a patriot. He does not love his country. He loves half of his race, he loves Africa, he loves Islam, he loves people on welfare, he hates his white half, he hates America, he hates gun owners, he hates Christians, he hates people with jobs, he hates children, born or not, he worships abortion, he worships taxes, he worships solar engery, he worships wind power (except when it interfers with the view from Martha's Vinyard), he hates oil, he hates nuclear power, he has a long list of likes and dislikes and the U. S. military is at the top of the hate list.

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