Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sanctuary City and Defacto Amnesty

Since San Francisco will seek the death penalty for cop killers and mass murders thanks to the affirmative action DA Kamala Harris, Representative Tom Tancredo, the Hero of the Rockies, is seeking federal intervention in the prosecution of the illegal alien gangbanger and beneficiary of the San Francisco Santuary Program for Murders Edwin Ramos. While the United States Attorney for the Northern District of California Joseph Russoniello talks a good game, he is not much of a prosecutor. He refused to prosecute the SF officials responsible for protecting Ramos and others, so there is not much hope there. It does lead us again to the defacto amnesty that the consitutent parts of the Department of Homeland Security are administering in San Francisco. In other cities, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is in the enforcement business,, but in San Francisco, the ICE office is in the amnesty business, not an amnesty passed by Congress, but it's own not so secret amnesty. The amnesty it administers is that those hiring illegal aliens for restaurant work are not arrest, prosecuted, or raided, but allowed to continue their use of illegal alien labor. No restaurant in San Francisco has been raided by ICE or its predessor, the INS, in 20 years. ICE makes no independent effort to control illegal alien hiring centers contracted by the City and County of San Francisco and it allows illegal alien gangs to flourish and spread in San Francisco, making parts of the city uninhabitable by law abiding people. Whole areas of San Francisco's Mission District are populated with illegal aliens living in the open. Why hasn't ICE's San Francisco Field Office and it's Special Agent in Charge, reachable at (510) 267-3800, ordered the formation of a unit dedicated to uprooting gangs like MS-13 who are terrorizing and killing San Franciscans? Why not form a unit that goes into San Francisco, stops gangmembers and arrests those who are illegal aliens? Why is there a defacto amnesty for gangbangers like Ramos? Now ICE is trying to blame the San Francisco Sheriff's Department for not notifying them that Ramos had been arrested again, but ICE already knew he was an illegal alien who had submitted a fraudulent applications for amnesty and legal permanent residency, but did not take him into custody. Why? How many other gangbangers has ICE ignored or released? Those of us not murdered yet want to know.

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