Friday, July 4, 2008

So Liberals Are Patriotic?

Independence Day is here and guess what, no 4th of July Parade in San Francisco. Last weekend the City and County of San Francisco spent millions supporting a parade that included public appearances of peodophiles. Every year the homosexual community does a miniature Sister Soulja and denounces, ever so quietly though, NAMBLA, but every year allows them in the LBGTQ Pride Parade. Of course, many years ago, they all said it is just a question of accepting homosexuality, but each year more demands surface. First it is just tolerate, then it demands acceptance, then demands subsidy, then demands an end to non-existend discrimination, then demands affirmative action, then demands a privilidged place in education, then demands marriage, but what did we get from all this? AIDS and John Walker Lindh, the Marin County Jihadi, who, if his father had controlled his homosexuality and his mother had refused to accept that amicable divorce, and society had not been fooled by the salami tactics of the Pink-Red allliance, perhaps we might have faced at least one less Jihadi, maybe alot more. And they tell us liberals are patriotic. They have an agenda, but it is not love of country, maybe love of Greek love.

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