Saturday, August 30, 2008

Observations On Jobs American Will Do

I have recently traveled much to two different states, Florida and Colorado. While the radical left and the Obamessiah claim there are millions of jobs Americans won't do, like that of housekeepers in hotels, restaurant work, and road crew work, I observed the opposite in during a trip in northeastern Florida. I saw numerous road crews of whites and blacks putting down asphalt as well as black and white women doing maid work and restaurant work. However, Colorado, the hotels continue to rely on illegal alien labor. Additionally, a recent raid on Howard Industries, as well as my obersvations proves that illegal alien labor is a business strategy, not necessity.

Generation Kill

Hard to believe that so many veterns like Generation Kill. Aside from the lies in the story line, like the Hispanic forced into the Marines by a judge who gave him the option of USMC or jail. Well, the Marines don't do that any more. Maybe during the Vietnam War, but not know. However, the strangest thing about the series was the racist Hispanic and black characters. Despite the comradery that the Marines are know for, these characters are the most racist and hatefilled people outside of Jerimiah Wright. It certainly tells me that Hispanics cannot even be acculturated if they go through USMC boot camp.

Supid Liberals, Mortgage Edition

Well, guess who is trying to become relevant in the shadow of the Obamessiah? Of all people, Anita Hill, like Crystal Mangum, is trying to get back into the public eye. Apparently her 15 minutes were not enough. You would never know that the idea of borrowing too much money at an interest rate you know you cannot afford would be a bad idea. While years ago the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department were demanding lenders lend more to minorities, suddenly lenders start lending more to minorities, and since they have lower credit rating, tend to have children out of wedlock, and have lower education levels that prohibit income growth, everyone is surprised when they start to default on loans. Not rocket science here, but apparently Anita Hill knows that it is a grand conspiracy to first deny minorities loans, then give them loans with the design that the minorities will fail. Aside from the fact that community groups like ACORN encouraged minorities to bet in the real estate flipping game or to buy when they could not afford it, the reality is that too many people own homes, especially in high income and cost areas like Boston. Maybe they can afford a home in an isolated rural area or Detroit where there are plenty of houses available, but in a regular market only those with good credit ratings and long term job record can buy. You can't just buy based on having one good job at one time. You have to have a record and education sufficient to get that next good job, too. Again, it is foolish to think that a single parent with three children can weather a job loss, much less one who is on their first good job. It may sound cruel, but having children out of wedlock, much less three of them, shows you are a bad credit risk. Then liberals complain on both ends. First they don't get loans because they are a bad credit risk, then they complain when they do get loans when they are a bad credit risk. Then they complain when women don't shop around and accept loans with horrible conditions. Of course, they lenders have to have higher interest rates on higher risk borrowers. Of course, it all comes down to IQ. Stupid people make stupid decisions. Notice in the story is how it says that they made some errors, but don't discuss those errors. And no one mentions greed when someone buys a $400k house and was obviously planning to flip it and ends up losing it. The best part is when these community organizers stage rallies just to get a few extra months of living rent free. In the end the person is evicted and the activists all feel wonderful about themselves and the poor borrower is left to their own devises when the activists have moved on to the next issue. And the failed borrower got nothing in the end from the activism. No real chance to solve the underlying problem of the mortgage, just stagemanaged demostrations that make liberals feel so good. What nerve too of Anita Hill. She lied about a respectable man and now she is lying about the mortgage industry.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Human Sacrifice Liberal Style

While it may be clever to note that the left is willing to sacrifice humans to protect nature, wit the liberal opposition to the harmless except to insects DDT, the left really does like human sacrifice as they oppose Christianity, which ended human sacrifice in Gaul and in Mexico, but today's pagan liberal, or the Jihadist liberal, still supports human sacrifice. The modern liberal defends and exaults the Aztec and the Jihadi. But an article in the Wall Street Journal, (not a full link, as WSJ is a pay site, emphasizes that liberals hate humans, even humans of color. Here liberals tell the humans in a small village in Indonesia who are literally being eaten alive by komodo dragons, it is their own fault. One liberal said the death of a child eaten by komodo dragons that one should not behave like prey, which a liberal says is squating to defecate, as one of the young victims of a dragon was doing just that when attacked. As usual a liberal do-gooder organization with lots of George Soros money is behind the ongoing human sacrifice in Indonesia. And it has a lesson for those in the U.S. who live near bears, wolves, and cougars (no, not those cougars, the mountain lions). On this Indonesian island, liberals have banned hunting, self-defense, and feeding the animals. Previously humans there have left parts of the deer they killed for the dragons , but now, since hunting is banned as well as self defense against the dragons, the dragons are coming into the villages and eating the villagers goats, chickens, and children. Well, PETA does say "rat, pig, boy, they are all the same". We in California are already getting this message every time a cougar eats a hiker, jogger, or biker. "We are invading their land" and other such nonsense is the leftist rant. Hey, I thought the left said this was Mexico's land? Or the Indians? Just who is at the top of this heirarchy? Also a lesson here, if liberals are against self-defense against predatory animals, what is the prospect for humans defending themselves against other humans? Will namby-pamby liberals ban guns, shooting rapists, and surrender Georgia to Russia?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anarcho-Tyranny In The UK

The UK has as big a problem with illegal aliens as the United States but an even bigger problem with Islam. However, the authorities in the UK are as concerned about that problem as the U.S. is with illegal immigration. While it is stopping respectable people on the street and threatening them with arrest, radical Islam continues on its terrorist path. and contrast with In the U.S., ICE and the Border Patrol are refusing to go to the streets and start stopping and questioning illegal aliens and the consequence is dead Americans. Why isn't ICE and the Border Patrol stopping illegal aliens in public and arresting them? Maybe there would be fewer dead Americans. And maybe there would be fewer dead Brits if the police there concentrated on the perpetrators of terrorism, the Muslim fanatics from the third world. While MI5 has claimed that terrorism in the UK comes from anywhere, that is patently not true. in the UK originates primarily in the Pakistani community, with lesser numbers in other immigrant groups from Muslim countries. None of the 7/7 bombers were white and all were third world Muslims or their descendants and almost all of the 7/7 terrorists were Pakistani or Pakistani descent. And see here,, illegal aliens testing drones in NYC and was caught by accident, not any concerted effort by ICE to find and arrest illegal aliens, as a matter of fact, the Egyptian using a Sudanese passport has apparently been allowed to remain in the U.S. Interestingly the press refused to name him, allegedly because he was not arrested or charged, but really because he is Muslim. Anyother person making news would have been named.

More evidence from the UK with undercover taping of extremist preaching in mosques there by radical Islamists proving that the path to jihad and terrorism is from Islam itself and the UK's failure to confront radical Islam, but assault the liberties of those who tape and publisized the extremism. The national security state is not being directed against the threat, but against those who expose the threat.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Told You So, Again

The stragegy of the radical left in their alliance with Islam regarding the detained war criminals at Club Gitmo has been exposes. It is the goal of the radical left to force the release of the Islamic terrorists into the United States. In this case, because the terrorist is Chinese and cannot be deported to a country that actually punishes terrorists, the radical left is demanding that the terrorist be released into the U.S. Since the Department of Defense has foolishly aquiesed with the claim by the terrorists communist lawyers that the terrorist, captured in Afghanistan, was not a terrorist. Why a Chinese citizen was in Afghanistan working with the Taliban is not explained by either side. Since the DOD agrees that the terrorist is not a terrorist and cannot be sent to China, and, of course, no other country wants this terrorist, he must be released into the U.S. The communist attorneys claim that he will submit to any restrictions the courts set, and, of course, the courts have no authority to set any conditions. Once released the same attorneys will argue that no conditions are legal, they will claim refugee/asylum for the poor oppressed Chinese Muslim terrorist, demand welfare for him, then claim that his wife, children, parents, siblings, etc deserve to come to the U.S. as part of the refugee family re-unification program. With the presedent set, all the other terrorists in Club Gitmo will then have to be released into the U.S. because they cannot return to their home countries. They will then be free to plot terrorism in the U.S. with work permits and on welfare. Thanks alot George Bush. Oh for the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who executed German terrorists within 30 days of arrival in America. Or the immediate exexution of German terrorists during WWII. Or afterward at Nuremburg. A reminder to the Obamessiah, the defendants at Nuremburg had fewer rights, such as no jury, than the Club Gitmo defendants. As a matter of fact the original commissions were based on the Nuremburg prescedent, a trial by officer-judges with no jury.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Disloyal Immigrants

The San Francisco Chronicle lauds the lack of loyalty of Chinese immigrants and language ghetto inhabitants. I think their dual loyalty, at best, speaks for itself.

Treason Again

In the Obamessiah citizen of the world post patriotic era Americans are now playing for Russia even as Russians massacre Georgians. Becky Hammon could not cut it as an American so she decided, just to get an Olympic medal, to betray her country and naturalize as a Russian citizen. Mamon is aparently more important to her than patria. This brings up an old question, if an American naturalizes in a foreign country, should that person loose their American citizenship. That used to be true before the communists on the Warren court ruled the laws relating to citizenship unconstitutional. In the case of a Jewish European who came to the U.S. and naturalized, then went to Isreal and became an Isreali citizen, then decided he wanted the benefit of a U.S. passport, the communists on the Warren Court ruled that the laws that prevent naturalized citizens and natural born citizens from establishing or continueing loyalty to a foreign power were unconstitutional. Well, we are now reaping the benefit of that. Americans who naturalize in foreign countries just for Olympic gold or Mexican immigrants who come here then run for office or serve the government of Mexico, such as Juan Hernandez, a McCainiac advisor who is a government official of Mexico but claims U.S. citizenship, to Mexican police officers who are dual citizens. and and

Massive Fraud In Refugee Program

The Department of State has announced that a refugee program for relatives of refugees already admitted to the U.S. has been systematically abused those claiming oppression on a massive scale. Since the DOS has started to request, and not even require, DNA testing to establish the relationship between those applying for family based refugee benefits that testing has established that those claiming the familial relationship (such as between parent and child, and this is between those applying, not in comparison with the refugee in the U.S. who is claiming those overseas applying are his blood relatives) are lying to obtain entry to the U.S. After this was revealed the refugee industry sprang into action by claiming that blacks in Africa have an "expanded" definition of family, sort of like homosexuals in the U.S. have been trying to "expand" the definition of family for years.

It is really interesting that DNA testing is not routine and widespread for those applying for immigration benefits. Just as the US government does not use DNA or fingerprints for applicants for US passports, it does not do what is necessary to stop fraud in immigration and passport fraud; for in the end the US government doesn't really care about fraud. All of this benefits fraud, which liberal refugee organizations want because they hate their own country and want to change it to something it isn't, at least not yet.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Me Immigrant You Racist I Sue ACLU

Hat tip to Michael Savage for the sentiment, but the news just keeps proving him correct. Another lazy immigrant NYU communist lawyer is sueing the tax payer for his own criminal behavior. Why do we let these people in? And the Obamessiah wants more of them put on welfare because they don't look like George Washington?

Minorities Are All About Welfare

Well, a leftist Hispanic "Evangelical" has spilled the beans, sort of speak. Blacks "Christians" are all about how much they get paid by whitey. So what are we to do, us White Christians? Meekley surrender to the USofKKKA and the National Council of the Race? Or tell these lazy immigrants and their welfare queen blood brothers to get a job?

20 Years Avoiding Deportation And He Doesn't Know Why He Was Arrested

ICE continues its policy of catch and release. Easily intimidated by radical Muslims, ICE released an illegal alien who has been evading arrest and deportation since 1992. The illegal claims he "...has paperwork that includes extensions allowing him to stay longer, and permission to work well beyond 1992". Talk about avoiding the question. You claim you are legally in the U.S. then state he has permission to work well beyond 1992. Well, the government does not give a 26 year work permit. Why did they not say he has a current work permit and permission to be here now? Because they are lying and ICE, after the illegal faked a medical problem, promptly released him. Now, the law says he is deportable without further action, then why did they not just put him on a plane? ICE really doesn't want to do it's job.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mark Penn Knows Obama Not An American

Internal memorandum from the Clinton campaign have been released and it appears that the Clinton stategist Mark Penn is a conservative. While pseudo-conservatives like Hugh Hewitt have been ostentatiously decrying Penn's racism, or at least appearing to, in fact Penn is spot on. This issue first exposes the leftists who claim to be conservatives like Hewitt, an advocate of amnesty and a rabid supporter of the communism, radical islam, and Russian revanchist Erwin Chemerinsky, the welfare queen of the University of California Irvine Law School. While California has a $16 billion deficit, the University of California decided to open a new law school and appoint an open radical as its dean. He was the former dean of Duke University School of Law, where he actively supported the malicious prosecution of 3 innocent white students for a rape that did not happen. For Cheerinsky and Hewitt, white people are always guilty and for Hewitt, even when they are innocent, the issue of race is to be avoided; so any innocent white people can be sacrificed and even if the liberal Arnold Schwarzenegger found Chemerinsky too radical, that is not enough because any friend of Hewitt deserves to be on the public trough. But back to Penn, whom Hewitt repeatedly implied was a racist for suggesting that the Obamessiah was insufficiently American. I think most Americans know that Obamessiah is not truely American. From his loyalty to Kenya, Indonesia, Islam and Marxism, to his blith contempt for the flag and the pledge, to his association with the hate American left of the Weatherman and Code Pinko, to his citizenship of the world, and wherever else but America, deep down we all know that Obamessiah hates America and Penn knew that. Though a servant of a witch, he had some base instinct that Obama hates American, unlike Kobe. Hewitt is of the strange new bread of pseudo-conservatives, usually Protestant evangelicals who have adopted the anti-racism tirades of the radical left and shown his contempt for white culture. Like the Baptists condemning slavery, he is trying to appear modern and hip. The only problem is that there is, no matter what you say, no condemnation by Jesus Christ, or the early Christians of slavery. Jesus ignored the issue and St Paul told slaves to be obedient and told masters to be kind. Hewitt, like Rush, avoids like the plague, the issues that matter to white Americans, affirmative action, crime, and immigration.

We Don't Do Checkpoints

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is an agency of the Department of Homeland Security that really doesn't want to do the job it is assigned to. It is run by Julie Meyers, who had no experience with law enforcement until she was appointed to head the Department of Commerce's Office of Export Administration now called the Bureau of Industry and Security. There she managed, without and previous law enforcement experience, about 30 special agents enforcing the laws governing export of sensitive technology. She has never completed a law enforcement academy nor ever made an arrest herself. She is the member of an administration that actually supports amnesty for the illegal aliens she is supposed to arrest. She claims that the primary goal of her agency is the protection of America from terrorists. Actually, that is not true, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has primary jurisdiction in terrorism cases. Her real primary responsibility is to find and arrest illegal aliens in the U.S. Since she became head of ICE, the number of illegal aliens in the U.S. has increased except for last year. Not a very good job so far. Quite frequently ICE becomes involved in public issues revolving around illegal immigration. The response of ICE usually is to deny involvement, deny any interest in the issue, or even aid illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. I posted on ICE's effort to help illegal aliens in South Carolina to attend college, even though federal law prohibits illegal aliens from attending schools in the U.S. Another of ICEs efforts to not enforce the law is when state and local police agencies start arresting illegals, ICE denies involvement and states that it doesn't perform certain law enforcement actions. It frequently denies it performs sweeps or checkpoints to find illegals either by itself or in conjuction with other law enforcement agencies. Funny thing is that the U.S. Border Patrol, part of ICE's rival agency, Customs and Border Protection, does do checkpoints, and used to do sweeps, but for some reason, that reason being it was too successful, no longer does sweeps. However, ICE has deputized numerous local agencies, such as the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, which does do sweeps and checkpoints for illegals. The most recent controversy is in North Carolina where a statewide effort against drunk driving will include sobriety checkpoints. Many local agencies there have either been deputized by ICE or use ICE's law enforcement assistance hotline to arrest illegal aliens. This, of course, has the illegal alien community up in arms complaining about enforcing the law. However, ICE has publically stated that it is not participating in the effort against drunk driving by illegal aliens and is not assgining agents to assist in the effort. In other reports, the spokesman for ICE catagorically states that ICE does not do checkpoints. However, when it suits ICE, it does do checkpoints. It is just that ICE just doesn't want to catch too many illegals. Why? Because it really wants amnesty for illegals.

Treason Starts Here

While unlike many, I have nothing against Serbia, and actually support its fight against radical Islam, Serbia is in the news, but in a bad way. It appears that the seeds of treason have been set by an American. It appears taht Milorad Cavic, who could not qualify for the American swim team in the Olympics, decided to swim for the nation of his parents. All the justified warning from great American Presidents, such as Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge,, apparently have gone for naught. While Chinese immigrants are repeatedly arrested for espionage, that is not where the treason starts. It starts with the hyphenated American. For some it is just greed, such as Cavic, for others it is convienence, such as having two passports, but for others, like John Walker Lindh or Mexican immigrants who wave the Mexican flag, it is a lack of loyalty that results in espionage, treason, and terrorism. It starts somewhere and that place is the hyphenated American.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

When I Am Right, I Am Correct

More reports continue to come in that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not in the business of deporting illegals, but catching and releasing illegals, with the illegals never to be seen again. The catch and release policy was once attributed to the Border Patrol, who would catch illegals from other than Mexico, then release the illegals, who would use their deportation papers to travel throughout the U.S., including getting through Border Patrol checkpoints that were supposed to stop illegals. Well, ICE, has again been caught at catching and releasing illegals. For whatever reason the above story documents that ICE caught seven illegal aliens and released six of them. Those six, of course, will never appear again and be added to ICE's ever growing list of illegal alien absconders, which ICE claims is it's number one priority, catching absconders. Well, it looks like ICE is creating its own work for itself. Your tax dollars at work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Incompetant Proscutors and Lazy Federal Bureaucrats

Judicial Watch has obtained the incident reports from the San Francisco Police Department regarding the March 2008 arrest of the illegal alien and adult criminal gangbanger Edwin Ramos. and While most reports about this issue insist that Ramos is a juvenile, he became 18 years old in 2004, but four years later was arrested by the SFPD for numerous felony offenses, but the charges were mysteriously dropped by Kamal Harris, the first black San Francisco District Attorney. While San Francisco has had no shortage of incompetant District Attorneys, the first one of color, though she is a very light skinned black and most who see her can only say she looks white, is even worse than the infamous communist Terrance Hallihan, the previous DA. Having read the report in detail, there is no apparent reason for no charges to be filed other than the gross incompetance of the Kamal Harris and the cronies she has appointed as Deputy District Attorneys. Remember, this is the same DA who refuses to charge drug dealers for crimes, making San Francisco the center of the San Francisco Bay Area for drug dealing. Dealers, like the infamous Honduran juvenile drug dealers, flock to San Francisco because of it's leniency to their crime. DA Harris appears to be of the mind to put as few minorities in prison as possible and works very hard, or does as little DA work as possible to achieve that end. It is clear that the case against Ramos in March 2008 was an open and shut case, putting him away, an idenfied gangbanger, would have been easy, but Kamala Harris was not either competant enough or just did not want to do it.

The aside to this is that the Department of Homeland Security's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was apparently uninterested in enforcing federal law against illegal alien gangbangers. The report documents how SFPD's patrol officers contacted a detective from the gang unit in the early morning hours and that detective responded and obtained search warrants for one of the gangbangers' homes. However, it appears that ICE only works banker's hours, and had no special agents, who receive a 25% pay bonus for working unlimited overtime, on duty to assist the SFPD. Why is it that ICE works only hours convient to its employees and not to it's mission?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Arresting Illegals But Letting Them Stay

After a well publicized raids in Rhode Island, it has been reported that all the illegal aliens arrested have been released and none deported. While the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have claimed that they ended the catch and release policy, it continues as part of the unofficial amnesty program. It appears that half of those initially arrested were immediately released, the other half were held in custody, but have now been released. Most will either not appear for their hearings, or, after the hearing, not actually appear to be deported. Most will continue to work in violation of the law while awaiting their hearings. It is amazing that while many were held in custody for about a month, none were deported. Those in custody are required to have their hearing before an immigration judge within three days, but it appears that they had no hearings nor were ICE agents able to obtain waivers of hearings and remove the aliens. Also, ICE failed to use expidited removal provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act that authorizes removal of any alien if the alien entered the U.S. within two years. The aliens' attorneys have also stated that they will file fraudulent claims for political asylum based on the civil war in Guatamala that ended in the late 80s. I guess the democratic elections and the prosecution of war crimes that have happened since are of no consequence. It is just part of the Bush Administration's continuing unofficial amnesty; it isn't over until the illegal alien wins.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why Women Should Not Be On Juries Or Vote

Well, some blacks from San Francisco decided to rob a white man of his "medical" marijuana. Two of them were killed by the "victim" and the surviving third was aquited of murder charges. As I am sure you all know, if you commit a crime, any death during that crime is your responsibility, but, according to the "organized" women of the jury, that is not true, even though they also voted to convict the surviving thug of burlary and assault with a firearm. The always biased San Francisco Chronicle writer did not question the fact that women are always organized, meticulous, asked a lot of questions and made sure they had all their ducks in a row." Talk about stereotypes. I think the real reason that the thug survived the all female jury is that women are more willing to forgive a crime commited against someone else, and obviously other than themselves. Of course, an intelligent person would have known that black burglars are also opportunistic rapists. I'll bet those women did not think of that. But the worst part is that the California Supreme Court, without reason, allowed the trial to be moved from Lake County to Contra Costa County. Regardless of the racial makeup of Lake County, other than hatred of whites and sympathy for black criminals, why did the Supreme Court allow the move of the trial. It appears that the California Supreme Court has gone crazy in their hatred of white victims, though I have no sympathy for pot heads who get their stash stolen.

Morons Allowed To Borrow Money

After the housing bailout it is nice to meet some of the people my tax dollars will soon be subsidizing. The San Franicsco Chronicle is on a bender of compassion, similar to their usual Christmas time Seasons of Sharing, where they publicize the unwillingness of many of our society unwilling to work for a living. When not profiling illegal aliens on welfare they profile natives on welfare, and I am not talking about Indians, but the local variety of natives, the welfare recipient. Now the Chronicle is into the housing crisis and it seems that all of its housing problem revolves around unemployed unemployable welfare recipients who come to own houses. Amazing, as a life long renter, how do these people do it. Well, in this case, the lazy welfare recipient managed to loose a home that was purchased by her parents for $11,000.00 in the 50s and paid off. The lazy welfare recipient managed to then obtain mortages totalling over $450,000.00 and tells the reporter that she cannot figure out where the money went except for paying off credit card bills. The reporter also helpfully suggests that loan fees are a problem too. However, tiny slips by the reporter reveal the actual cause. Interestingly though neither the reporter or the perpetrator of the fraud on the taxpayer claim that the medical problems of the parents are the cause. But by reading the tiny slips by the reporter and reading between the lines we find out the real reason. The owner is a single mother in middle age, has a boyfriend, and is unemployed. Well, that is a winner for any loan company and the taxpayer. But the reporter did not highlight any of those facts because unemployed single minority mothers are not to be criticized but are to be eternal victims and not held responsible for anything because they are officially oppressed minorities, blessed be the name of Obama. And, thanks to the Federal Reserve for forcing banks to loan to those who cannot pay back their loans. Thanks alot. But it does keep white liberal reporters in a job, well sort of, the Chronicle is collapsing, thanks be to God.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alien Smuggling With Help From The Government

The word is out that the latest high tech visa issued solely to Mexican nationals is being forged by Mexican organized crime. While that is the headline and the problem with counterfeiting is real, counterfeiting is not much of a real problem. The story does address the real problem though, the selling of "lost" visas by those to whom the visa was issued. However, the reason that the sale of a lost visa is a problem is that the U.S. Government doesn't care that they are being sold and used by smugglers. As a matter of fact, the U.S. Government could stop the problem cold. Why? Because all new visas are only issued to persons who give their fingerprints to the government during the visa application process. However, the government has decided that it will not use the fingerprints and the database they are in during the process of entering the U.S. At airports, all persons entering the U.S. have their fingerprints compared to the fingerprints in the government database of fingerprints collected during the visa application process conducted at American Embassies and Consulates. But, in an effort to facilitate the entry of illegal aliens, the fingerprints of aliens applying for admission to the U.S. at the land borders are not compared to the database with the fingerprints of the visa applicants. President Bush just wants more illegal aliens in the U.S. plain and simple. The whole problem at the border of selling or renting visas could be solved easily with the available process and technology, but Bush doesn't want that particular problem solved.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Case Closed, The Market Works

Were the housing bust started has now rebounded and we are all better off because of it, especially renters like me. I only wish I lived in Las Vegas, but hope springs eternal. It appears that the speculators and unqualified to own homes have been removed from the market, housing prices are now affordable for the average person with a decent full time job with a responsible lifestyle. Banks are selling foreclosed homes at half price. The bubble burst and no one got hurt except the irresponsible.

A previous article in the USAToday also had a homeowner whining that a potential purchaser of his house was denied a loan for a $179,000.00 house because the potential buyer could not come up with a 30% deposit. (Sorry, could not find the link) Well, hurrah for that. The 5% down or 0% down was part of the problem. If you can't same 30%, then you are not solvent, don't have enough income potenial, and are not a dependable borrower over 30 years to qualify. That is how this problem got started when the Federal Reserve, unCivil Rights groups and the Federal Government all got together to force lenders to loan to minorities, illegal aliens and other rest of the oppressed who could not qualify for a loan because they had bad credit history, little income, and no ability to payback a loan.

Profiling Works

News from China's security efforts with regard to the Olympics revealed that China has banned Muslims from flying on domestic airlines (sorry no link for this part, but trust me) and the police are ordering Chinese merchants and hoteliers to report suspicious persons, specifically anyone Muslim, Indian (not the Sioux), Middle Eastern, or black and, at least at first glance, moronic Jewish American comedians turned Senate candates, to the police.

Now, the radical left will have us believe that racial profiling began with the LAPD pulling over blacks for driving while black and expanded to the whole U.S. where innocent blacks and others (just fill in your favorite oppressed minority except for homosexuals, who have yet to get on this bandwagon) are questioned and arrested "just because they are _____". (Read all of Heather McDonald on the myth of racist police profiling.)

The Chinese, though, are not impressed with such nonsense and are concentrating, mostly, on the dangers to the Olympics and the safety of their society overall, which, of course, would explain efforts to censor the idiocy of Al Franken. Obviously the Chinese don't want a 9/11, or another Olympic Massacre, or destroy their ecomony with the bad advice from a hasbeen comedian. But the essential truth is that the Chinese, and we, except for Norman Minetta, know who is killing people for political and religious profit. The Chinese do not deny it, but we do. Perhaps that is why this century will be a Chinese century.