Monday, August 18, 2008

20 Years Avoiding Deportation And He Doesn't Know Why He Was Arrested

ICE continues its policy of catch and release. Easily intimidated by radical Muslims, ICE released an illegal alien who has been evading arrest and deportation since 1992. The illegal claims he "...has paperwork that includes extensions allowing him to stay longer, and permission to work well beyond 1992". Talk about avoiding the question. You claim you are legally in the U.S. then state he has permission to work well beyond 1992. Well, the government does not give a 26 year work permit. Why did they not say he has a current work permit and permission to be here now? Because they are lying and ICE, after the illegal faked a medical problem, promptly released him. Now, the law says he is deportable without further action, then why did they not just put him on a plane? ICE really doesn't want to do it's job.

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