Monday, August 11, 2008

Arresting Illegals But Letting Them Stay

After a well publicized raids in Rhode Island, it has been reported that all the illegal aliens arrested have been released and none deported. While the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement have claimed that they ended the catch and release policy, it continues as part of the unofficial amnesty program. It appears that half of those initially arrested were immediately released, the other half were held in custody, but have now been released. Most will either not appear for their hearings, or, after the hearing, not actually appear to be deported. Most will continue to work in violation of the law while awaiting their hearings. It is amazing that while many were held in custody for about a month, none were deported. Those in custody are required to have their hearing before an immigration judge within three days, but it appears that they had no hearings nor were ICE agents able to obtain waivers of hearings and remove the aliens. Also, ICE failed to use expidited removal provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act that authorizes removal of any alien if the alien entered the U.S. within two years. The aliens' attorneys have also stated that they will file fraudulent claims for political asylum based on the civil war in Guatamala that ended in the late 80s. I guess the democratic elections and the prosecution of war crimes that have happened since are of no consequence. It is just part of the Bush Administration's continuing unofficial amnesty; it isn't over until the illegal alien wins.

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