Monday, August 25, 2008

Human Sacrifice Liberal Style

While it may be clever to note that the left is willing to sacrifice humans to protect nature, wit the liberal opposition to the harmless except to insects DDT, the left really does like human sacrifice as they oppose Christianity, which ended human sacrifice in Gaul and in Mexico, but today's pagan liberal, or the Jihadist liberal, still supports human sacrifice. The modern liberal defends and exaults the Aztec and the Jihadi. But an article in the Wall Street Journal, (not a full link, as WSJ is a pay site, emphasizes that liberals hate humans, even humans of color. Here liberals tell the humans in a small village in Indonesia who are literally being eaten alive by komodo dragons, it is their own fault. One liberal said the death of a child eaten by komodo dragons that one should not behave like prey, which a liberal says is squating to defecate, as one of the young victims of a dragon was doing just that when attacked. As usual a liberal do-gooder organization with lots of George Soros money is behind the ongoing human sacrifice in Indonesia. And it has a lesson for those in the U.S. who live near bears, wolves, and cougars (no, not those cougars, the mountain lions). On this Indonesian island, liberals have banned hunting, self-defense, and feeding the animals. Previously humans there have left parts of the deer they killed for the dragons , but now, since hunting is banned as well as self defense against the dragons, the dragons are coming into the villages and eating the villagers goats, chickens, and children. Well, PETA does say "rat, pig, boy, they are all the same". We in California are already getting this message every time a cougar eats a hiker, jogger, or biker. "We are invading their land" and other such nonsense is the leftist rant. Hey, I thought the left said this was Mexico's land? Or the Indians? Just who is at the top of this heirarchy? Also a lesson here, if liberals are against self-defense against predatory animals, what is the prospect for humans defending themselves against other humans? Will namby-pamby liberals ban guns, shooting rapists, and surrender Georgia to Russia?

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