Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Told You So, Again

The stragegy of the radical left in their alliance with Islam regarding the detained war criminals at Club Gitmo has been exposes. It is the goal of the radical left to force the release of the Islamic terrorists into the United States. In this case, because the terrorist is Chinese and cannot be deported to a country that actually punishes terrorists, the radical left is demanding that the terrorist be released into the U.S. Since the Department of Defense has foolishly aquiesed with the claim by the terrorists communist lawyers that the terrorist, captured in Afghanistan, was not a terrorist. Why a Chinese citizen was in Afghanistan working with the Taliban is not explained by either side. Since the DOD agrees that the terrorist is not a terrorist and cannot be sent to China, and, of course, no other country wants this terrorist, he must be released into the U.S. The communist attorneys claim that he will submit to any restrictions the courts set, and, of course, the courts have no authority to set any conditions. Once released the same attorneys will argue that no conditions are legal, they will claim refugee/asylum for the poor oppressed Chinese Muslim terrorist, demand welfare for him, then claim that his wife, children, parents, siblings, etc deserve to come to the U.S. as part of the refugee family re-unification program. With the presedent set, all the other terrorists in Club Gitmo will then have to be released into the U.S. because they cannot return to their home countries. They will then be free to plot terrorism in the U.S. with work permits and on welfare. Thanks alot George Bush. Oh for the days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who executed German terrorists within 30 days of arrival in America. Or the immediate exexution of German terrorists during WWII. Or afterward at Nuremburg. A reminder to the Obamessiah, the defendants at Nuremburg had fewer rights, such as no jury, than the Club Gitmo defendants. As a matter of fact the original commissions were based on the Nuremburg prescedent, a trial by officer-judges with no jury.

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