Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mark Penn Knows Obama Not An American

Internal memorandum from the Clinton campaign have been released and it appears that the Clinton stategist Mark Penn is a conservative. While pseudo-conservatives like Hugh Hewitt have been ostentatiously decrying Penn's racism, or at least appearing to, in fact Penn is spot on. This issue first exposes the leftists who claim to be conservatives like Hewitt, an advocate of amnesty and a rabid supporter of the communism, radical islam, and Russian revanchist Erwin Chemerinsky, the welfare queen of the University of California Irvine Law School. While California has a $16 billion deficit, the University of California decided to open a new law school and appoint an open radical as its dean. He was the former dean of Duke University School of Law, where he actively supported the malicious prosecution of 3 innocent white students for a rape that did not happen. For Cheerinsky and Hewitt, white people are always guilty and for Hewitt, even when they are innocent, the issue of race is to be avoided; so any innocent white people can be sacrificed and even if the liberal Arnold Schwarzenegger found Chemerinsky too radical, that is not enough because any friend of Hewitt deserves to be on the public trough. But back to Penn, whom Hewitt repeatedly implied was a racist for suggesting that the Obamessiah was insufficiently American. I think most Americans know that Obamessiah is not truely American. From his loyalty to Kenya, Indonesia, Islam and Marxism, to his blith contempt for the flag and the pledge, to his association with the hate American left of the Weatherman and Code Pinko, to his citizenship of the world, and wherever else but America, deep down we all know that Obamessiah hates America and Penn knew that. Though a servant of a witch, he had some base instinct that Obama hates American, unlike Kobe. Hewitt is of the strange new bread of pseudo-conservatives, usually Protestant evangelicals who have adopted the anti-racism tirades of the radical left and shown his contempt for white culture. Like the Baptists condemning slavery, he is trying to appear modern and hip. The only problem is that there is, no matter what you say, no condemnation by Jesus Christ, or the early Christians of slavery. Jesus ignored the issue and St Paul told slaves to be obedient and told masters to be kind. Hewitt, like Rush, avoids like the plague, the issues that matter to white Americans, affirmative action, crime, and immigration.

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