Sunday, August 10, 2008

Morons Allowed To Borrow Money

After the housing bailout it is nice to meet some of the people my tax dollars will soon be subsidizing. The San Franicsco Chronicle is on a bender of compassion, similar to their usual Christmas time Seasons of Sharing, where they publicize the unwillingness of many of our society unwilling to work for a living. When not profiling illegal aliens on welfare they profile natives on welfare, and I am not talking about Indians, but the local variety of natives, the welfare recipient. Now the Chronicle is into the housing crisis and it seems that all of its housing problem revolves around unemployed unemployable welfare recipients who come to own houses. Amazing, as a life long renter, how do these people do it. Well, in this case, the lazy welfare recipient managed to loose a home that was purchased by her parents for $11,000.00 in the 50s and paid off. The lazy welfare recipient managed to then obtain mortages totalling over $450,000.00 and tells the reporter that she cannot figure out where the money went except for paying off credit card bills. The reporter also helpfully suggests that loan fees are a problem too. However, tiny slips by the reporter reveal the actual cause. Interestingly though neither the reporter or the perpetrator of the fraud on the taxpayer claim that the medical problems of the parents are the cause. But by reading the tiny slips by the reporter and reading between the lines we find out the real reason. The owner is a single mother in middle age, has a boyfriend, and is unemployed. Well, that is a winner for any loan company and the taxpayer. But the reporter did not highlight any of those facts because unemployed single minority mothers are not to be criticized but are to be eternal victims and not held responsible for anything because they are officially oppressed minorities, blessed be the name of Obama. And, thanks to the Federal Reserve for forcing banks to loan to those who cannot pay back their loans. Thanks alot. But it does keep white liberal reporters in a job, well sort of, the Chronicle is collapsing, thanks be to God.

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