Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Treason Again

In the Obamessiah citizen of the world post patriotic era Americans are now playing for Russia even as Russians massacre Georgians. Becky Hammon could not cut it as an American so she decided, just to get an Olympic medal, to betray her country and naturalize as a Russian citizen. Mamon is aparently more important to her than patria. This brings up an old question, if an American naturalizes in a foreign country, should that person loose their American citizenship. That used to be true before the communists on the Warren court ruled the laws relating to citizenship unconstitutional. In the case of a Jewish European who came to the U.S. and naturalized, then went to Isreal and became an Isreali citizen, then decided he wanted the benefit of a U.S. passport, the communists on the Warren Court ruled that the laws that prevent naturalized citizens and natural born citizens from establishing or continueing loyalty to a foreign power were unconstitutional. Well, we are now reaping the benefit of that. Americans who naturalize in foreign countries just for Olympic gold or Mexican immigrants who come here then run for office or serve the government of Mexico, such as Juan Hernandez, a McCainiac advisor who is a government official of Mexico but claims U.S. citizenship, to Mexican police officers who are dual citizens. and and

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