Sunday, August 17, 2008

Treason Starts Here

While unlike many, I have nothing against Serbia, and actually support its fight against radical Islam, Serbia is in the news, but in a bad way. It appears that the seeds of treason have been set by an American. It appears taht Milorad Cavic, who could not qualify for the American swim team in the Olympics, decided to swim for the nation of his parents. All the justified warning from great American Presidents, such as Theodore Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge,, apparently have gone for naught. While Chinese immigrants are repeatedly arrested for espionage, that is not where the treason starts. It starts with the hyphenated American. For some it is just greed, such as Cavic, for others it is convienence, such as having two passports, but for others, like John Walker Lindh or Mexican immigrants who wave the Mexican flag, it is a lack of loyalty that results in espionage, treason, and terrorism. It starts somewhere and that place is the hyphenated American.

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