Thursday, August 14, 2008

When I Am Right, I Am Correct

More reports continue to come in that Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not in the business of deporting illegals, but catching and releasing illegals, with the illegals never to be seen again. The catch and release policy was once attributed to the Border Patrol, who would catch illegals from other than Mexico, then release the illegals, who would use their deportation papers to travel throughout the U.S., including getting through Border Patrol checkpoints that were supposed to stop illegals. Well, ICE, has again been caught at catching and releasing illegals. For whatever reason the above story documents that ICE caught seven illegal aliens and released six of them. Those six, of course, will never appear again and be added to ICE's ever growing list of illegal alien absconders, which ICE claims is it's number one priority, catching absconders. Well, it looks like ICE is creating its own work for itself. Your tax dollars at work.

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