Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why Women Should Not Be On Juries Or Vote

Well, some blacks from San Francisco decided to rob a white man of his "medical" marijuana. Two of them were killed by the "victim" and the surviving third was aquited of murder charges. As I am sure you all know, if you commit a crime, any death during that crime is your responsibility, but, according to the "organized" women of the jury, that is not true, even though they also voted to convict the surviving thug of burlary and assault with a firearm. The always biased San Francisco Chronicle writer did not question the fact that women are always organized, meticulous, asked a lot of questions and made sure they had all their ducks in a row." Talk about stereotypes. I think the real reason that the thug survived the all female jury is that women are more willing to forgive a crime commited against someone else, and obviously other than themselves. Of course, an intelligent person would have known that black burglars are also opportunistic rapists. I'll bet those women did not think of that. But the worst part is that the California Supreme Court, without reason, allowed the trial to be moved from Lake County to Contra Costa County. Regardless of the racial makeup of Lake County, other than hatred of whites and sympathy for black criminals, why did the Supreme Court allow the move of the trial. It appears that the California Supreme Court has gone crazy in their hatred of white victims, though I have no sympathy for pot heads who get their stash stolen.

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