Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Amerasia, Truman, and Palin

Harry Truman is infamous for quashing investigations into communist infiltration of the United States. The Amerasia, Harry Dexter White, and Alger Hiss cases are all examples of where the FBI went to the Truman Administration refused to investigate or quashed investigations into supporters who were dangerous traitors and criminals. Sarah Palin is the exact opposite of Truman and the disgusting Pendergast Machine from Missouri. She fought openly against the corrupt Ted Stevens Machine in Alaska. A machine that is so vain and corrupt that it named Anchorage's airport for the bloated gasbag of a subhuman wretch, Ted Stevens. She defeated his handpicked minion, Frank Murkowski, put other corrupt politicians in jail and they were in her same party. Truman was just the opposite. He defended to death the traitorous scum, Bolsheviks to a man, who were in his party. There was no question in his mind, while Americans were dying in the rice fields and blizzards of Korea, that the communists in the Democrat Party were his friends and allies. That is the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

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