Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not So Fast

The head of the CIA has stated that Al Queda is soon to be finished off and a great blog, Strata Sphere has claimed that the tribal uprising in Pakistan has commenced with the end of Al Queda there soon to be realized. However, given the rise of radical Islam in formerly moderate Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Turkey and Malaysia, and the support for radical Islam in Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora in the UK, we might not be winning. Al Queda is just a manifestation of Islam's power, past and present, but it's real power is not in bombs, but elsewhere.

For those who have read Dune, a science fiction novel that was a retelling of the story of Islam but with the foreknowledge that Islam would control a valuable resource. In the novel, the resource was the spice melange that extended life. In real life it is oil, the lifeblood of the modern industrial economy.

However, the real power was not melange, but something else; a radicalized massive population, motivated to bring its vision to the rest of the universe. I could only be successful because it had the numbers on its side that endabled it to both take the casualties necessary to win and to kill. Sufficient numbers as well to displace whole populations. In the novel and film, genocide was the weapon of choice, both the destruction of whole peoples. The Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV when confronted by a threat to the spice, declares that only genocide will solve the problem. And it was true. The Fremen, in response, led by Paul Maudib, declared their own genocide, both real and cultural. The culture of the know universe was changed to reflect the new religion, barely discernable from the Islam that controls oil today.

And how, did the Fremen, from a small, backward planet, conquered the known universe in the name of the Muadib? Shere numbers and a willingness to both die and to kill for their beliefs. But not just by killing and replacing, but also by cultural genocide. They replaced the underlying belief systems with their own, converting by threat of force or the use of force, destroying or marinalizing all who opposed it, with a cadre of driven dedicated followers much like radical Islam of today, just as the radical preachers of Undercover Mosque,, are dominating Islam throughout the world with Saudi money.

While that was a novel, the truth behind it is frightening. The UK is being overrun by radical Islam without a shot being fired. Parts of the U.S., such as Dearborn, are now no go areas for the FBI, ICE and other law enforcement agencies, all with the aquiesence of Washington DC. Just as Westminister has accepted no go areas for British citizens, we now have our no go areas that are under Islamic law. And it is all population driven, a tidal wave, a tsunami of population transfer from the hinterlands of Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Somalia are swamping Western Europe, the UK, and the U.S. Paul Maudib's legions swept the known universe with terrible violence, but we will be conquered by a flood of welfare receipients.

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