Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pashtunistan and Genocide

It appears that the Pashtuns have decided that all will bow to their will or suffer the consequences of death and destruction. Al-Queda, formerly radical Arab Muslims, is now a Pashtun Islamic terrorist group with world wide pretentions. It is waging war not only on the Sindhis and the Punjabis, but the rest of the world. Frank Herbert was precient when he fictionalized the Islamic armies of the Arab pennisula conquering the know universe in the name of the Mahdi, but the modern incarnation of the first Arab Muslim conquest from out of the the desert is now a Pashtun army of 45 million that is threatening the world. The Pashtuns have already conquered Britian without a shot being fired, or just a few suicide bombs. But what is to be done, as Lenin would ask. Well, Frank Herbert gave us that answer as well speaking through the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. Genocide. The systematic complete destruction, not of the Fremen, but of the Pashtuns, who serve no purpose other than to killing their fellow human beings.

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