Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

I will not address the issue of the privilege of habeous corpus rights for those to whom the Constitution did not grant that privilege, but I will address what is coming to your neighborhood. A federal judge violated the Constitution recently by ordering the executive branch to release war criminals captured abroad and held as unlawful combatants under the rules of war and the various Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war. Now these five Algerian war criminals and illegal combatants were caputured during a war and held as prisoners of war. The judge has ordered their release, but to where. Algeria will either refuse to accept them as most countries do with their terrorists and as China refuses to accept its citizens who are deported from the U.S. If Algeria does accept them back, the prisoners will, of course, claim protection by claiming asylum or refugee status or protection under the Convention Against Torture, as Algeria routinely tortures Islamic militants, terrorists, and other assorted crimininals. Now what happens. Well, what will happen is that those terrorists will be released in the U.S. because there is no where else to release them. Now, the Department of Homeland Security may hold them for six months, but after that, because of another Supreme Court decision, illegal aliens cannot be held longer than that because unless there is a prosepect of their being removed, they may not be held longer than that. Well, the only option is that they are released into the U.S. They will of course claim refugee or asylum status, that will give them access to employment, welfare, and travel documents. For the record, the Immigration and Nationality Act defines a asylee as someone who claims entry to the U.S. based on fear of harm based on race, religion, social standing who is abroad, while refugee status is someone who makes the same claim who is in the U.S. Now social status was designed for the bourgoisie vicitims of communism, but is now used by MS-13 and cross dresser, as well as Islamists. Now, since Guantanomo Bay is part of Cuba and not of the U.S. it is more likely they will claim asylum status, but since Gitmo is part of the U.S. for habeous claims, perhaps they will claim refugee status, but once released in the U.S., they can only claim refugee status, so it looks like they will be refugees. Certainly a long way from the purpose of refugee status which was designed for those who fled communism, not Muslim terrorists seeking to destroy the U.S. It all depends on if they make the claim in the U.S. or in Gitmo, but it is neither here nor there. What matters is that soon we will be paying for the food stamps of people who want to kill us, not just those who hate us, we have plenty of whining Mexican irrendentists and lazy Hmong for that. But now, besided the MS-13, we will now be paying people to kill us. Thanks to Jorge Bush and the Obamessiah, and Johnnie McCain.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The New Imperium

"We got the corned beef". The words of your new Half-White Prince. The royal "We". And they said Bush was King George. Or maybe AP was not quoting the Obamessiah correctly, perhaps it was "We gots da corn'd beef".

Sidwell Friends, The New Segregation

Well all remember the liberals who attacked white people for creating private Christian schools in the south because they did not want their white children to attend schools with blacks. Well, the Half-White Prince has done the same thing.

The most rank hypocracy and racism. Why is the half-white Obamessiah avoiding all black schools? Aren't black teachers good enough for his quarter-white children? Are other black children too dangerous to be near his quarter white children? While the Obamessiah might be ashamed and embarrased by his whiteness, it looks like he fears black people much like his grandmother feared black homeless bums. Which is interesting, since many have commented on the Obamessiah's continued connection to black racists like Malcolm X and Reverend Jerimiah Wright, as well as his obssessive hatred of whites, in reality, the Obamessiah is deeply ashamed of his blackness and is smart enough to know the prevalence of pathology amoung black people. That is why he is keeping his quarter-white children away from the pathology of dangerous black young men. Remember when he said he did not want his children punished with a pregnancy? Well, that is what he fears, his daughters pregnant by promiscuous black teenagers that dominate DC's public schools.

This is what leftists call racism. They routinely attack whites for moving to gated communities and using private schools; claiming it is evidence of racism. Sidwell Friends is said to have better security. You mean fewer black people.; fewer criminal thugs roaming the hall ways raping and robbing.

The real heart of the Obamessiah, motivated by the rage of hatred of white people, but he is white enough to fear black culture and pathology.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Obamessiah The Liar

Information is slowly leaking out about the relationship between the Obamessiah, who will soon take an oath to uphold the laws of the United States, all of them, not some of them. It appears that besides meeting his auntie, Zeituni Onyango,, at his swearing in in 2004, he talked to her on the phone in 2006 and she told him she was living in Boston. Well, the alleged law professor, who says that the Constitution applies differently depending on whether you live in Chicago or Cheyenne, and depends on whether you are white or of another color, said that he did not know that Auntie was here illegally. Well, Mr. Professor, how can an alien stay in the United States for two years on a tourist visa, that she did not qualify for in the first place and that he had no influence in the issuance of her visa.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Tier Justice Obamessiah Style

Sometime ago liberals were against a two teir system of justice. The same system should be used for all. This applied for blacks in the Jim Crow South as well as Muslim terrorists capture recently, except, of course, for Germans during WWII, who faced a traditional, and curt, form of justice, a second tier system that quickly resulted in their execution. However, the Obamessiah has proposed a two-tier system for the Muslim terrorists. It is not the full system that Americans enjoy, but will be somehow different where terrorists will have abreviated rights. Isn't that what we have now in the military tribunal system?

And, by the way, some terrorists will be returned to the country where they were caputed, which probably means Afghanistan, for trial or punishment. Well, they certainly won't be getting due process rights there. The Obamessiah plans to release most of the terrorists to get a second shot at Americans. Thanks you idiots in Pennsylvania.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stupid Liberals, Part Infinity II

The New York Times has the solution for the coming recession: paying people not to work and more food stamps.

Than will get the economy rolling.

Of course, the NYT supported the socialist bailout, but now, under the Obamessiah, they say it is not enough.

And, of course, subsidizing local and state government overspending. Just who is the reality based community?

Democrats and Insane Preachers

Lost in the adjulation over the minor victory of the Obamessiah, the left, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Dianne Feinstein, have quietly ignored the 30th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre and the crazed preacher Reverend Jim Jones, a community activist and leftist, just like the Obamessiah. Hundreds died, many black, and it is kept secret that his church, the People's Temple, the original mega-church, is earily similar to Trinity Church of Christ, with its activism, pagan hero worship of its crazed pastor Jerimiah Wright, and politically connected. The People's Temple was a place of pilgrimage for the radical left, who usually were against the connection of churches to the state, like George Moscone, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harvey Milk, Barbara Boxer, Reverend Cecil Williams, Willie Brown, and other assorted leftists. Just as today's Democrats make their pilgrimage to Trinity. Just as Trinity had its "black" value system of support for drug dealers, out of wedlock births, promiscuity, and racism, the People's Temple had its value system of racism, promiscuity, pagan hero worship, close connection with politicians and their money. Just ask DiFi, who conviently has ignored the anniversary that she helped cause by supporting the People's Temple.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Money Quote

Liberals are all aghast at the racial imbalance in academic high schools in New York City. They are still aghast even after reading the NYT article on the minorities who are taking the test, or failing to take the test, because they are too stupid or lazy. Consult the article, buried at the back is this: "Terrence Busby Jr., 13, who is also black, said many of his friends did not take the test because they did not know how to get to the school..." Too dumb to consult a map, a free map at the library, on the free computer at the library, the free internet service on the computer at the library, the free Google maps on the free internet on the free computer in the free library in his home school. Will the willful obtuseness of liberals never end. And liberals want to import more of these morons.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Liberals Are Liars, Part Deux

As I surmised, it turns out that the Auntie and Uncle of the Obamessiah, whom he writes about in his biographies, are illegal aliens in the U.S. It also turns out that Auntie Zeituni,, was living in public housing in Boston. Now, the Obamessiah is supposedly the smartest man in the world, and went to an Ivy League university, so how can the world's smartest man not know that his auntie was a wet back? He also claimed that he did nothing to assist the two in getting tourist visas so they could attend his swearing in as a Senator, but no Kenyan without a job and money would have gotten a tourist visa without assistance from the Senator. Liar, Liar. And she is a contributor and she is illegal employed by the Boston Housing Authority. Liar, Liar.

Why Liberals Are Liars, Part 1

Some time ago, the city of Mesa, AZ, was raided by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and illegal aliens arrested who were peforming janitorial duties at various city buildings. An aside is that a county sheriff is doing more immigration enforcement than the federal government, but that is not the biggest part of this story. At first the city police department screamed bloody murder, claiming that employees and its police officers were endangered by the sheriff enforcing the law and that the city had no idea that there were illegals doing janitorial work in city buildings. LOL. Sure, I believe that one. And, by the way, the Mesa police chief publically opposed the various immigration enforcement actions by the sheriff in Mesa, claiming that it endangered citizens and police officers to arrest illegal aliens and enforce state laws against illegals, identity theft and document fraud. Well, it turned out that a city employee had reported to the police department that illegals were working as janitors in city buildings. That employee was promptly fired and the lieutenant who oversaw security for city buildings did nothing. Now they are claiming that the lieutenant inquired with the contractor and was assured that all employees of the janitorial contractor were legal. And, the stupid or lying lieutenant either believed them or lied about it. Liberals like to claim that they are smarter and more upright than the rest of us, but this is just another example of how liberals are either stupid or liars.