Sunday, November 30, 2008

Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood

I will not address the issue of the privilege of habeous corpus rights for those to whom the Constitution did not grant that privilege, but I will address what is coming to your neighborhood. A federal judge violated the Constitution recently by ordering the executive branch to release war criminals captured abroad and held as unlawful combatants under the rules of war and the various Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war. Now these five Algerian war criminals and illegal combatants were caputured during a war and held as prisoners of war. The judge has ordered their release, but to where. Algeria will either refuse to accept them as most countries do with their terrorists and as China refuses to accept its citizens who are deported from the U.S. If Algeria does accept them back, the prisoners will, of course, claim protection by claiming asylum or refugee status or protection under the Convention Against Torture, as Algeria routinely tortures Islamic militants, terrorists, and other assorted crimininals. Now what happens. Well, what will happen is that those terrorists will be released in the U.S. because there is no where else to release them. Now, the Department of Homeland Security may hold them for six months, but after that, because of another Supreme Court decision, illegal aliens cannot be held longer than that because unless there is a prosepect of their being removed, they may not be held longer than that. Well, the only option is that they are released into the U.S. They will of course claim refugee or asylum status, that will give them access to employment, welfare, and travel documents. For the record, the Immigration and Nationality Act defines a asylee as someone who claims entry to the U.S. based on fear of harm based on race, religion, social standing who is abroad, while refugee status is someone who makes the same claim who is in the U.S. Now social status was designed for the bourgoisie vicitims of communism, but is now used by MS-13 and cross dresser, as well as Islamists. Now, since Guantanomo Bay is part of Cuba and not of the U.S. it is more likely they will claim asylum status, but since Gitmo is part of the U.S. for habeous claims, perhaps they will claim refugee status, but once released in the U.S., they can only claim refugee status, so it looks like they will be refugees. Certainly a long way from the purpose of refugee status which was designed for those who fled communism, not Muslim terrorists seeking to destroy the U.S. It all depends on if they make the claim in the U.S. or in Gitmo, but it is neither here nor there. What matters is that soon we will be paying for the food stamps of people who want to kill us, not just those who hate us, we have plenty of whining Mexican irrendentists and lazy Hmong for that. But now, besided the MS-13, we will now be paying people to kill us. Thanks to Jorge Bush and the Obamessiah, and Johnnie McCain.

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