Friday, November 7, 2008

Money Quote

Liberals are all aghast at the racial imbalance in academic high schools in New York City. They are still aghast even after reading the NYT article on the minorities who are taking the test, or failing to take the test, because they are too stupid or lazy. Consult the article, buried at the back is this: "Terrence Busby Jr., 13, who is also black, said many of his friends did not take the test because they did not know how to get to the school..." Too dumb to consult a map, a free map at the library, on the free computer at the library, the free internet service on the computer at the library, the free Google maps on the free internet on the free computer in the free library in his home school. Will the willful obtuseness of liberals never end. And liberals want to import more of these morons.

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