Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sidwell Friends, The New Segregation

Well all remember the liberals who attacked white people for creating private Christian schools in the south because they did not want their white children to attend schools with blacks. Well, the Half-White Prince has done the same thing.

The most rank hypocracy and racism. Why is the half-white Obamessiah avoiding all black schools? Aren't black teachers good enough for his quarter-white children? Are other black children too dangerous to be near his quarter white children? While the Obamessiah might be ashamed and embarrased by his whiteness, it looks like he fears black people much like his grandmother feared black homeless bums. Which is interesting, since many have commented on the Obamessiah's continued connection to black racists like Malcolm X and Reverend Jerimiah Wright, as well as his obssessive hatred of whites, in reality, the Obamessiah is deeply ashamed of his blackness and is smart enough to know the prevalence of pathology amoung black people. That is why he is keeping his quarter-white children away from the pathology of dangerous black young men. Remember when he said he did not want his children punished with a pregnancy? Well, that is what he fears, his daughters pregnant by promiscuous black teenagers that dominate DC's public schools.

This is what leftists call racism. They routinely attack whites for moving to gated communities and using private schools; claiming it is evidence of racism. Sidwell Friends is said to have better security. You mean fewer black people.; fewer criminal thugs roaming the hall ways raping and robbing.

The real heart of the Obamessiah, motivated by the rage of hatred of white people, but he is white enough to fear black culture and pathology.

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