Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Tier Justice Obamessiah Style

Sometime ago liberals were against a two teir system of justice. The same system should be used for all. This applied for blacks in the Jim Crow South as well as Muslim terrorists capture recently, except, of course, for Germans during WWII, who faced a traditional, and curt, form of justice, a second tier system that quickly resulted in their execution. However, the Obamessiah has proposed a two-tier system for the Muslim terrorists. It is not the full system that Americans enjoy, but will be somehow different where terrorists will have abreviated rights. Isn't that what we have now in the military tribunal system?

And, by the way, some terrorists will be returned to the country where they were caputed, which probably means Afghanistan, for trial or punishment. Well, they certainly won't be getting due process rights there. The Obamessiah plans to release most of the terrorists to get a second shot at Americans. Thanks you idiots in Pennsylvania.

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