Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Liberals Are Liars, Part 1

Some time ago, the city of Mesa, AZ, was raided by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, and illegal aliens arrested who were peforming janitorial duties at various city buildings. An aside is that a county sheriff is doing more immigration enforcement than the federal government, but that is not the biggest part of this story. At first the city police department screamed bloody murder, claiming that employees and its police officers were endangered by the sheriff enforcing the law and that the city had no idea that there were illegals doing janitorial work in city buildings. LOL. Sure, I believe that one. And, by the way, the Mesa police chief publically opposed the various immigration enforcement actions by the sheriff in Mesa, claiming that it endangered citizens and police officers to arrest illegal aliens and enforce state laws against illegals, identity theft and document fraud. Well, it turned out that a city employee had reported to the police department that illegals were working as janitors in city buildings. That employee was promptly fired and the lieutenant who oversaw security for city buildings did nothing. Now they are claiming that the lieutenant inquired with the contractor and was assured that all employees of the janitorial contractor were legal. And, the stupid or lying lieutenant either believed them or lied about it. Liberals like to claim that they are smarter and more upright than the rest of us, but this is just another example of how liberals are either stupid or liars.

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