Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why Liberals Are Liars, Part Deux

As I surmised, it turns out that the Auntie and Uncle of the Obamessiah, whom he writes about in his biographies, are illegal aliens in the U.S. It also turns out that Auntie Zeituni,, was living in public housing in Boston. Now, the Obamessiah is supposedly the smartest man in the world, and went to an Ivy League university, so how can the world's smartest man not know that his auntie was a wet back? He also claimed that he did nothing to assist the two in getting tourist visas so they could attend his swearing in as a Senator, but no Kenyan without a job and money would have gotten a tourist visa without assistance from the Senator. Liar, Liar. And she is a contributor and she is illegal employed by the Boston Housing Authority. Liar, Liar.

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