Friday, December 19, 2008

Brittania, Who No Longer Rules The Waves, Much Less The Streets of Manchester

See for yourselves,, the British, or should I say English police, no longer rule their own streets, much less the oceans. The police there are unarmed and cowardly, frightened by knife wielding thugs. In the U.S. those scum would have been shot down like the dogs they are. The Second Amendment is all that separates us from barbarism. Let's see what happens Inauguration Night. I have plenty of ammo stored up for the coming riots. To think that Blackstone believed that bearing arms was one of the rights of Englishmen. Well, thanks to the Roundheads and their successors, the English are unarmed, deracinated, and eviscerated. So the sun has set and they go quietly to their doom, dominated by thugs and Wahhabis. Such is the wheel of history. Perhaps is England had followed Charles I instead of Cromwell.

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